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Cease & Desist Letter!!! What the...

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Cease and desist. The order is crystal clear.


If traveling in a similar circle as Merriam-Webster and his friends, the lingo indicates..


cease: to cause to come to an end especially gradually, no longer continue

desist: to cease to proceed or act


Although controversial by design (our inherent modus operandi) we planned and actually strived to receive at least three cease and desist requests this summer. Unfortunately, we fell short of the goal. Sounds crazy, I know, yet there is a method to the madness:


1. If your content is of a higher quality than the slots produced by "their" design team, there is much to to gain from ushering the so-called "industry leaders" into your world. Congrats, you're now swimming in the big pond, little fish (but not for long). Madinah covered a lead on MASA NYC, the most expensive restaurant in the US (pre-pandemic) and emailed the PR Director when she posted photos that were sourced from their email marketing campaign, AFTER THE FACT!




2. The streets are watching and that's a good thing. Instant markability and "eye's on" from the folks that cut the check. Honestly, the worse that can happen is you're forced to remove the article/photo, etc. Oh the horror! Boss up and develop an even better version.


Which brings me to the most important point...


3. This strategy is best suited for those who understand the dynamic nature of eustress. For example, a friend told me that the OWN is featuring a documentary dubbed "Black Love" in September. Well, MadPo Studio has an independent docuseries aptly named "Black Love," streaming 07 November. I doubt this would happen, however, if MadPo receives a cease and desist letter from the OWN, that would be ENTERTAINMENT gold!! We could change the name to "The Show That O... Doesn't Want You To See!" or "Not O's Black Love..." Obviously, Oprah is a legend and Greenleaf is my favorite show, no disrespect given. However, if you aren't deeeeeeeeep into the composing, producing, writing, sound engineering, illustrating, financing, marketing, etc. of your projects, this type of situation would prove to be a calamity.


My two cents, served with an animated smile.


Gotta go, we're rigging "Huggy Bear" for his debut appearance in The Setup: Double Homicide In The Homeland, now streaming exclusively on our website. 


Based upon true events...



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