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Price of Past Sins

Guest LaShelle L. Turner

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Guest LaShelle L. Turner

Hi everyone!

I just published my new novel, Price of Past Sins

A tale of redemption where the past keeps coming back to haunt a family in Atlanta, Georgia. Brother and sister Patrick and Tracey Mitchell never had it easy. Abandoned by their drug addicted mother as children, the two struggled to make lives for themselves as adults. Both seemed to take all the wrong turns in life and love.


Fresh out of prison for selling drugs, Patrick Mitchell seeks to make things right by being the good man he set out to be in the beginning. He has one goal: to correct the lives of his baby sister, his girlfriend, and his daughter he ruined all those years ago. Patrick finds himself attracted to a beautiful social worker, Elaine, but he doesn’t believe he deserves a good woman like her; plus, he can’t move forward until he ratifies the past. His sister Tracey has her own sin and she doesn’t mind using it to get the life of luxury she wants and deserves. For years, she used her beautiful body and face to get what she wants, but they never got her far enough. She decides to gamble with the true paternity of her young son as her lottery ticket to a good life and she doesn’t care who she destroys to get it. Can they find the strength to move forward without making the same moral mistakes of the past?

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