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Indie Love Story for Review - Notes to a Negro

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Hello all so great to find an African-American authors community.


I am including my first independently published book for review. It's more of an anthology or erotic memoir of a black love story. Since we know not all black love stories trail the path of roses and sunshine some of them build up to a story. I would really appreciate a book review for my labor of love. Note that this is Mature content and for Mature readers only. 


Here are the details:


Book: Notes to a Negro

Author: Anita Writes

ISBN 13: 979-8670239592

Publication Date: July 28, 2020

Synopsis: Notes to a Negro are love notes, pieces, emails, texts, Whatsapp texts written to, inspired by and about an affair with a Negro who represents the quintessential black male during the course of an affair that lasted for almost 20 years. Follow along on their journey to see some of the undiluted material between these 2 lovers as they tried to make a place in this world for a love as passionate and unrequited as theirs. Some of the material has been altered to protect their identity. Some of the real life events have also not been included for the sake of privacy. But it is as raw as it is provocative and as genuine as it is sweet. It will have you rooting for a love so undiluted, evocative and addictive. 

Notes to a Negro


book cover.jpg

Edited by anita writes
Book Cover attached
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