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I recently heard a sister talk passionately about the three bones for success as taught by her Grand Mother. It was interesting to me as it rang true. So what are the three bone for success and why should you bother about them?

The First of the three bones for success – The Wish Bone

The wish bone will keep you hoping and praying. Hope is the motivator but your dream is the driver. We keep going because we hope for tomorrow, that tomorrow will be better than today; hope is being able to see light in-spite of all of the darkness. Hope will motivate you to chase your dreams. Faith will push you to pray. A strong wish bone, intangible as it may sound is very necessary to your success!

The Second of the three bones – The Jaw Bone

The jaw bone gives you courage to speak truth to power. We have an obligation to lift our voice to try to make crooked paths straight in our own way. And we have an obligation to speak up for those who can’t or don’t know how. The jaw bone will give you your voice, make you heard, tell people your position, where you stand and why.


The Third of the three bones for success – The Backbone


Read more: https://misskorang.com/the-three-bones-for-success-do-you-have-them/

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