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The Way of the Righteous

Guest Dayciaa Smith

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Guest Dayciaa Smith


I am a self-published author of contemporary Christian fiction.  I am requesting a review of my novel,

The Way of the Righteous.  Please see details below:


Publication Date: October 10, 2020

Synopsis:  Meet Alyssa, Erika, Brice and Sam--four singles in their late-twenties, living in the heart of New York City, just after the Attack on America. Alyssa realizes relying on romantic relationships to gain love is perpetually painful and pointless; Erika learns that if she does not rebuke her sensual thoughts, they lead to sinful actions; Brice braces up to the ultimate test--understanding that his manhood is not defined by his libido, but determined by his fidelity toward God; and Sam discovers his renewed faith in a most unusual way--one unintentional ephemeral episode teaches him more about consecrating himself to God than his previous twelve years of celibacy.
Each of them are uniquely challenged in their Christian faith to become more committed in living for God and in following the way of the righteous.

Please see link to am*zon- [link removed]

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