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The Gospel According to a Black Woman

Guest Ebony Adedayo

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Guest Ebony Adedayo

I am reaching out to you today to request a review of my recently published book, The Gospel According to a Black Woman (Published Sunday, November 15, 2020). Through the use of prose, poetry, and fiction, this book explores the possibilities of what can happen when Black women are taken seriously and our truth respected, rather than ignored and co-opted. It challenges what some might consider to be traditional views of faith, culture, and society, suggesting that these views are what actually confine and constrain Black women. 


The book's genre encompasses African American spirituality, and focuses on Black Women. Here are other details:

ISBN: 979-8678020376
Description: What happens if we took the word 'gospel,' a word that has been traditionally used in a Christian context, and opened it up to broader usage? What happens if we, as Black women, insisted that truth is not only found in sacred texts but is also found in us, within the depths of our experience? What happens if we collectively insisted that our lives, our bodies, are also sacred texts that need to be studied and taken seriously?

Link to book image


At your request, I am able to mail you a copy of the book. I look forward to your reply and am thankful for your consideration. 

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