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New Book New Author (Book about racism and how one racist act separated my family for over 100 years)


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Hello all not sure if I am in the correct place or not. If I am great and if I'm not please forgive no harm meant. I would like to invite you to check out my Historical fiction novel titled Finding Home.  With everything that is going on today with the issue of racism my book could not have come at a better time.

It was because of racism that my family was separated for over 100 years. My family’s story offers a glimpse of hope to everyone who is affected by racism today. The issue of racism has never been dealt with it has always just been sort of swept under the rug in recent times the fight died down and black people just became comfortable with where we were so to speak. The marches stopped unless something tragic happened, the speeches for equality died down and we just settled. We have been more concerned with not offending anyone rather than dealing with the issue head on.  We have come a long way yet we still have a long way to go.  My grandfather John Oscar Chambliss at the age of 16 was forced to leave his home in Monroe County Ga. because he killed two white men who were going to kill him for no other reason than being black and walking home alone one evening. He was forced to hop a train and leave home immediately after the incident and never saw his family again after that tragic day. He took up with a hobo at the first stop and sadly her story was worse than his. He endured one tragedy after the next until he himself was killed at the age of 38 in Montgomery Alabama. Out of fear he never told anyone where he was from. This left his six daughters who he was raising himself wandering who he was or who they were. After his death his oldest daughter Mary who was just a child herself was left to raise the other five girls. My book is dedicated to her.  Sadly she passed away from Covid -19. She always said to me" I want you to find my daddy's people “before I die  and by the grace of God exactly 100 years after he left  his home in Georgia I found her daddy’s people as she would say.  At the reunion I looked up and saw those who had passed away my grandfather, his parents and his siblings looking down at all of us and he said you to me “you found home”. Coming from a small town in Alabama during the late sixties and early seventies is what gave me the drive and motivation to write this book and every single word was heartfelt. I put myself in my grandfather's place while writing this book and with all that he went through from being robbed, to his own color trying to kidnap him and take him to work on the white man's farm to being forced to leave home as a child and become a man all in the same day I will never forget where we come from. Sadly our young people cannot grasp our past and that is because we are not teaching them the truth all they have is what the other people tell them. I can remember going to restaurants eating in the kitchen they had the best hamburgers I can still taste them. I never knew until I was an adult many years later that there was a front side where whites only could eat. My story is the story of so many blacks in America today. 

You may view my author page which includes interview, one sheet and trailers @ JessicaSimsabsoluteauthor.com

You may view my blog page @ jessicasimsauthor.blogspot.com

You may view a segment that was done by me On WLTZ June, 25th by going to the link below

https://www.wltz.com/2020/06/25/what-happened-to-john-chambliss/   Or simply typing WLTZ What happened to John Chambliss

My trailer synopsis can be viewed on YouTube at    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHSjkB_Xu04       https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhjsCFfabzg

I recently published audiobook of Finding Home and it can be purchased at major retailers such as iTunes or audiobooks ebook at am*zon and paperback at all major retailers. If you are a podcaster please feel free to reach out for an interview I have a lot to say. If you are a book reviewer I will gladly send you a copy of audiobook for review whether it is good or bad as long as it is honest and you will post it.



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