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A new release book with significant spiritual impact.

Guest autumnforest

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Guest autumnforest

Author Rick Jones has done a brilliant job of conveying a universal theme in his newly released book, "God's Road To Manson & Me." ISBN-13 : 978-1647730840, published January 19, 2021.

"For nothing shall be impossible with God..."

"Why me, God?" I asked.

"Because only you can do this," the Holy Spirit replied.

This is the true and compelling story about how walking in faith, hand in hand down GOD'S ROAD opened my eyes to a world for which I had no blueprint.

GOD'S ROAD to Manson and Me will allow you to experience my incredible journey in which I endured many trials, tests, and tribulations, finally arriving many years later at my appointed destiny, Corcoran State Prison.

There I formed the most unlikely of friendships with infamous murderer Charles "Milles" Manson, and we remained friends until the time of his death. This story is about trusting in God no matter how bad your situation looks. GOD'S ROAD to Manson and Me is about redemption and forgiveness, for we know that God is no respecter of persons.

God forgives all who boldly come to the throne of grace confessing their sins, accepting His Son, Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior!

GOD'S ROAD to Manson and Me is my journey. God has a special road for you, as well. Trust and believe, never wavering in faith, and you will experience His wonderful purpose and assignment for your life.

God loves you no matter what you've done!


Please consider this book for review. It has been hard to keep it on the shelves. RIck Jones does a fantastic job of being relatable to all people, to demonstrate perserverance and determination to follow the path God led him to take. The realizations about the nature of forgiveness and the struggles of the human condition are so poignant and necessary in these times. This author, a retired correctional officer, was led to Corcoron State Prison in his career and to a moment in time when he would meet the infamous Charles Manson. Upon their first encounter, Manson spoke, "I knew you were coming. I was expecting you. What took you so long?" What ensued over the course of their unusual friendship was a greater understanding about God's gifts. 


Thank you, in advance for considering this life-changing book! 


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