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Remembering Grandma's Tales-Ananse and the Python


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Once in the animal kingdom of Abapa lived strong, big and gluttonous Python. Python seemed to suffocate, swallow anything that had breathe and crossed his path. Once when Python chanced upon a Gazelle in labor, he didn’t consider the precarious position of mother and unborn, he attacked and swallowed the laboring Gazelle to the horror of an expectant father and husband. Python ate the Pangolin, Warthog, Deer, Parrots, even Porcupine with his quills was not exempt. He didn’t care what state the animal was in, as long as he could catch it, it was fair game.


Reports started trickling in to Lion, the king.

“Python just swallowed all my three babies,” Warthog complained.

“I believe we all agreed hunters should target the sick and elderly. Why has Python killed my able bodied son?” Questioned the Buffalo.

“Python is flouting all the rules of hunting. At this rate my bloodline will be extinct soon,” cried Papa Gazelle.


Everyday, complaint after complaint reached the Lion. The King did his best to caution Python but the more he cautioned, the more brazen Python became. Angry and out of options, the King offered a large, fertile piece of land to anyone who could successfully capture and imprison Python.

It was a sad day indeed, when the King made that announcement, because the animals knew attempting such a feat was practically a death sentence. For weeks they whispered among themselves how impossible the King’s proposed solution was.


And then Ananse visited the King's Palace.


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