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Rap Music and the N-word.

Guest Mr. T

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Guest Mr. T

For the progress of all.

The N-word is a banned word in the US and Canada as far as I know for the historical reason of slavery and abuse of a group of people based on their physical appearance (Race) by another group of people. So, this word is emotionally charged negatively. Now, it is a racist word for some (the slave masters' descendants) and not for the other (the slaves' descendants). I think there is a problem with that too. A word should not be racist for one group and not be for the other. Not all African-Americans agree with the use of the N-word in public by anyone. The use of the N-word by a Caucasian descent is a hate crime, but Caucasian listen to Rap music and repeat the N-word in the lyric. Racism is evil, and what is evil should not be limited to a group of people only.

Can someone advocate that African-American rappers should avoid using the N-word in their music?

With peace and harmony.

Mr. T

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