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Weaving the Values of My Heritage for My Best Life

Guest Georgia Wilson

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Guest Georgia Wilson

ISBN #978-1-950459-28-5

Released February 2021


This Heritage Lifebook is the first book in a series 
of four, which I hope you will find very useful.
The sage teachings of our rich African heritage 
are expressed in Adinkra symbols
 to build a solid foundation for telling your story 
and decision-making. 

In this African Heritage Lifebook, you will determine 
seven core values to fill your “Basket of Abundance”
with those personal attributes, 
which you treasure and will use to live your best life.

Knowing, growing, and using these attributes 
with them being the center of who you are 
and how you want to represent yourself to others, 
inspires a feeling of high self-esteem.

Appreciating your value creates an internal environment 
where personal growth is most successful. 
These values are living and transform as you grow.

Opening yourself to possibilities 
makes you eagerly want to live your best,
and success becomes a limitless part of you.

The other Heritage Lifebooks use the 
strong foundation that you have built 
to set life plans with effective goals 
for your spiritual, mental, and physical health 
and bring those plans to fruition.

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