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Chasing the Surge: Life as a Travel Nurse in a Global Pandemic

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I'm Ja-ne de Abreu, a co-writer of Chasing the Surge: Life as a Travel Nurse in a Global Pandemic, ISBN: 978-1-7362954-4-1 and would truly appreciate a review of the compelling story of my brother- in- law, Grover Nicodemus Street. It is about his life as a travel nurse, which is not easy under normal circumstances. Now throw a global pandemic into the mix. Learn how Grover navigates these unprecedented times in COVID hotspots in the USA with strength and grace while sharing important scientific facts about COVID-19 and the coronavirus vaccine. This story is intended to help especially black communities learn more about what happens behind the closed doors of hospitals. A portion of proceeds will go to provide educational materials to underserved communities. Thank you for your consideration.


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The whole story sounds really fascinating. It reminds me of those times of the global pandemic and how I was craving to take a trip somewhere, but I couldn't. As it says, the forbidden fruit is always delightful."Hey there! As a newbie on this forum, I gotta say that the story you shared sounds like a page-turner. I'm a big travel enthusiast myself, and hearing about Grover's life as a travel nurse definitely motivates me to lift my ass and explore new places. It's great to know that a portion of the book's proceeds will go towards providing educational materials to underserved communities. That's truly admirable. Speaking of travel, I recently stumbled upon some good deals on business class flights, and boy, was I excited! There's just something about the comfort and luxury of business class that makes traveling so much more enjoyable.

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