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Scorn of Secrets Submission Request

Guest B. Truly

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Guest B. Truly
  Hello. My name is Brandy Truly,  author B. Truly. I hope all is well. I am submitting my new released book, Scorn of Secrets to be considered for a review. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Contact email: BrandyTruly25@gmail.com
Title: Scorn of Secrets
Author: B. Truly
Asin: B091BR68YG
Release date: Tuesday, April 27th  
Genre: YA,  African American Romance, Urban, Coming of Age, and Family Fiction
Scorn of Secrets
                                                                                                           I must keep it locked away—the memory of my darkest secret….

     When the rising tides of my life peak, I’m left struggling with the currents of the storm. The first dilemma is my dad’s gambling debt. Mama bounces back quickly from the ramifications it causes. She proves this by getting a new man. Her Rico Suave is just the tip of the iceberg—she moves us across state to live with him and his two sons.
     My outgoing, older sister fits right in—she’s the total opposite of me. I am Madison Guillory, the shy, quiet type. Taught to make the best of even the worst situations, I contemplate giving my new family a chance.
     Living with my future stepbrothers is interesting, to say the least. They’re like night and day. I have more in common with the laid-back brother, and we become instant friends. I’m adjusting to Taylor High, and the arrogant brother is even starting to grow on me. Maybe everything will work out after all.
     My life finally seems to be falling into place until a dreadful night shatters my dreams. My world is flipped upside down because of the consequences I must now bear.
     The memories of that night lurk in the shadows to torment me. If I think of what happened, I’ll succumb to my fear. His face has scorned me. No one will believe me if I confess, not even my own sister. I hold the key to my darkest secret, desperate to keep it locked away
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