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Book Review Request: Ava and Mae Own a Lemonade Stand

Guest Brittney D.

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Guest Brittney D.

Hi there, 


I am the author of an upcoming children’s book called Ava and Mae Own a Lemonade Stand. This book is created by Black women and centers on two Black sister protagonists that open a lemonade stand. In addition to teaching entrepreneurial language and promoting perseverance, this book increases diversity in children’s literature. 


There are very few examples in children’s literature of Black girls owning and running their own business. It is important for racial and economic justice that Black children have pop culture examples of people who look like them in strong entrepreneurial roles. The primary target age for this book is 6-9 years old, or 1st-3rd grade.


You can learn more about the book and our overall mission at our website, http://avaandmae.com. This book will be available for preorder by June 15th.


I am interested in a book review! 

Author Name: Brittney Dias

Illustrator Name: Iman Purnell

Title: Ava and Mae Own a Lemonade Stand 

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-7369626-0-2

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-7369626-2-6



Oh no! The drinks are out! 

Ava and Mae are great at solving problems. When the drinks run out at the Summer Start Fair, they know just what to do. Learn with Ava and Mae as they go step by step to open their very own lemonade stand. Ava and Mae use negotiations, land business deals, and more to become the youngest business owners at the fair! There are some challenges along the way, and things aren’t always easy, but these sisters always find a way!

Brittney Dias and Iman Purnell use humor, surprises, and playful illustrations to inspire children to follow their dreams. 


Thank you!! I would be an honor to get reviewed by you. 

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