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Book Review Request - A Pinch of Salt:  On the Edge of Apprehension

Guest AManofHisWord

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Guest AManofHisWord

Dear Book Club or Reviewer, 

My name is Melvin Williams , and I'm the author of "A Pinch of Salt:  On the Edge of Apprehension", a dramatic suspense tale of a licensed social worker turned herbal doctor ventures beyond conventional medicine to unlock the secrets causing complex and chronic health disorders. I found your contact info on Google and thought you might enjoy my book.


I am interested in a book review.


Book Series: A Pinch of Salt
Subtitle : On the Edge of Apprehension

Author: M.L. Williams (visit melvinlwilliams.com for podcast and other works by the author)
Published: am*zon

Publication Date: 3 May 2021
ASIN : B094542QNY
Formats: Paperback, ebook

Hashtags #uHeardme #mentalhealthwareness #amanofhisword


Inspired by his great uncle's stories, a prophetic healer with mysterious practices, Michael Gallen has devoted his life to the study of medicine. And not just modern medicine, but a plethora of diverse methods and homeopathic healing. His greatest desire in life is to cultivate the perfect recipe to cure chronic disorders and ailments. But the Herb Doctor has a secret, a strange and unheard-of methodology to cure his clients. And yet, his clients don't seem to care that they don't know the components of his recipe. They don't take responsibility for their ailments or their respective therapeutics. The only thing that they care about is the results.


As the Herb Doctor ventures further into his career, he explores the world of holistic health and finds himself encountering many strange and complex cases. Five of his most challenging clients become the subject of a fascinating novel. And he continues to utilize his experiences with such clients. As he does his enigmatic works, he balances his life and work. And while his family and friends are all impressed by his blossoming career, they all wonder what the secret behind his success is…


"A Pinch of Salt: On the Edge of Apprehension" is a fantastical and intense work from the brilliant mind of M.L. Williams. It speaks not only to those fans of Science Fiction but also dramatics and those who enjoy mysterious fiction. 


Interview link to the unique online magazine for the latest art, creativity, entertainment, news, ideas, and information is listed here:





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