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In 2018 I published Psychoactive Poetry @smashwords.com. Today I am releasing a 100+ sonnet cycle verse drama.  Saffron and Nova: Beyond Myths and Stars 

employs the ababccddeffegg rhyme scheme of Alexander Pushkin's delightful verse drama, Eugene Onegin.  My book is an allegorical 'love story' depicting unification of the right and left brain hemispheres.  It has been said that poetry is the language by which this unification is to be achieved.  Indeed the momentary harmonies of cognitive resonance experienced when the sense of beauty is deeply stimulated reflects in my view a glimpse of this unification. Poetry is or can be 'psychoactive' in this sense. This sonnet sequence endeavors  both to be evocative of this response and a dramatized a case in point.  These experiences though varying in intensity and momentary,

nevertheless represent tangible 'brain gain'. (George Duke) "The tone of the mind is permanently raised; and we live with that general sense of steadfastness and resource, which is perhaps the kernel of happiness." (G. P. Santayana, The Sense of Beauty.  


Check it Out Here:

Saffron and Nova: Beyond Myths and Stars



Screenshot_2021-05-30 Smashwords – Interview with David Washington.png

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