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Book Review Request Freedom: The Next Plsntstion???

Guest Sandra Snowden

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Guest Sandra Snowden

FREEDOM: The Next Plantation???

Author – Sandra Snowden, 76 year young visually impaired African American great grandmother

Title - Freedom: The Next Plantation???


Publication date – June 24, 2021


Freedom The Next Plantation is written in dialogue that provides a sense of realism through the accents and dialect of the characters, showing the real way individuals like the Baskets would speak during the novel's time period

The story is about The Baskets, an African-American family in search of the inheritance told by the ancestors that will gain them a better life after the tragedies and hopelessness they experienced. As the Basket family begins a spiritual journey that will define their understanding of freedom, readers will be inspired to open their eyes to the reality of the plantations of life and what freedom truly means.

“Poppa Basket started talking to those who have already gone home, “Why y’all leave us here lik’ ‘dis? How y’all mad’ it en git happy? Y’all tell da truth 'bout keepin’ us peoples ‘gatha. What we’s gonna do if we git tooken ‘way som’ where? I’s mad lik’ hell at som’ y’all ‘caus I feel ya jis’ la’ing d’ere la’fin at me. Ya tellin’ me work it out fo me self!”


“Oh, God, I’s los’ my head. I’s hearin’ da dead. I’s gonna be a basket case if I’s keep dis up. But hold on, what’s y’all don’ told me do? Is I doin’ it?”


Will you be able to find yourself and identify your plantation? Or will you resort to the preconceived conclusion that you are, never have been or ever will be on a Plantation?


https://d.docs.live.net/924ed0db22b45a90/Documents/Freedom Book/bOOK COVER CROPPED.htm

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Guest Sandra Snowden

I have paid subscription but do not have an account. How do I sign up? Also the word Plantation is missed spelled when placed on the site.



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