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Character name suggestions for historical science fiction setting

Guest Fenwryn

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Guest Fenwryn

I am in the process of writing a book that I hope to publish someday.  I am trying to have the names of the characters be accurate for their time periods and cultures of origin.  I have already come up with names for most of the major characters but there two that I am stuck on, so I am looking for suggestions.  


The two characters are half-sisters and their mother is a slave who was born in Africa.  Her name is Radhiya, which I found on a list of African names from that time period.  One of Radhiya's daughters is fully human and was born on a slave plantation in South Carolina in the mid 1700s.    Her biological father is a time travelling white supremacist/misogynist from the 21st century who is the leader of a faction that wants to set up a conservative utopia in the 18th century.  Radhiya's other daughter is half human and half alien and (due to alien technology) has two biological mothers.  Her other mother is an alien whose ship crash landed in Africa before Radhiya was abducted by slavers and fell in love with Radhiya there.  The alien woman rescues Radhiya from slavery and annihilates the white supremacist/misogynist regime in the process.  Radhiya and her alien wife leave Earth and co-found a new civilization on another planet together.  Their daughter is born on that other planet. 


Radhiya and her daughters become close to immortal due to their access to alien technology.  Radhiya herself is eventually elected high queen of the planet where she lives and is able to broker peace agreements between several warring factions in that distant planet's galaxy.  She is a very gentle person who endorses nonviolence and influences her daughters to solve major issues through peaceful means, although they are also influenced by their alien mother who sees nothing wrong with slaughtering her enemies en masse  and only abstains from doing so in order to avoid upsetting Radhiya.  Her daughters eventually travel to Earth in the 21st century in time to save human civilization there from several major external threats and also to help fix many internal societal problems.  Radhiya's fully human daughter becomes president of the United States in the mid 21st century when she is over 300 years old and Radhiya's half alien daughter becomes a scientist on a team that develop a cure for most causes of death in humans.  


I am trying to find names that would make sense in the context of the story.  Since both of these characters are half-African and half something else I am looking for names that would make sense accordingly.  I also want to find names that reflect the characters' great importance to the story.  


Does anyone have any suggestions?  



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