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Reviews Requested for Anthony Huger 'Too Far In the Dark'

Guest Waad Ahmed

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Guest Waad Ahmed

Dear Reviewer,
I hope this email finds you well and in good spirits. My name is Waad and I represent Anthony Huger; Author, Entrepreneur, and a proud leader for change in his community. 

The world can be cruel to Black Men, and beyond that first breath of good clean air, it seems as if the entire universe conspires to bring them down.  Anthony has a story that will resonate with many- minorities, the marginalized, and the forgotten. New York gang life may be used as fodder for TV and movies, but surviving the realities of that life, and thriving in an environment specifically designed to tear apart your humanity, is not only beautiful but an inspiration. 

I would like to take the time and share with you the story of Mr. Anthony Huger.

Anthony Huger started his journey much like all of us do, as an innocent. Born a healthy baby boy with a god-given clean slate, in Harlem Hospital to two proud parents. From a young age, Anthony would learn that the world was not a friend to him and like many other kids of his background, his childhood innocence was wiped clean away with the harsh cruelties of life on the streets.

Most kids have memories of playing catch with their fathers. Anthony remembers being in stash houses filled with drugs and guns, watching his father conduct business. Drug dealing was the family business and as soon as he was old enough to partake, he did.

For Anthony, since he took that first breath of clean air in the spring of years past, that his life was not his own and would fall into a predictable pattern. Indeed, life in the streets led to a five-year prison sentence in the New York State penitentiary.

There are those of us, those lucky few, whose innate spark for life and creativity cannot be beaten down by the harsh realities of the world we are forced to live in. In prison, away from the influences that seemed to propel him ever further into a predestined life of crime, Anthony put pen to paper for the first time. And, to his surprise, found he not only enjoyed it but was good. Way good.

So, in that bleak prison, Anthony found his escape in the written word. (As many of us do, prison or no)
He penned his first novel, Too Far in the Dark, a story weaved from heart, gut, and harsh experiences.
He has since written more novels and founded his own publishing company, Zalino Publishing LLC.
Anthony Huger wrested control of his fate and fought for a brighter future than his past, and through his own hand, he is making that so.  

We would be most delighted if you would be open to feature Anthony and his story on your platform.
W.E. Asker

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