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Book Review Request for my Debut Novel

Guest Nikki Marsh

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Guest Nikki Marsh

The Juju Girl

Author – Nikki Marshall

ISBN: 979-8718041026

Publication Date: March 4, 2021

The Great Storm of 1893 evicts 15-year-old Gabbie from her small-town home in Buras near the banks of the Mississippi and thrusts her into the world of New Orleans’ Creole high society. It's a world of debutantes, extravagant balls, and handsome young men in uniforms, and a city steeped in superstition, mystery, and magic. The the city counts conjurers, holy men, and practitioners of dark spiritual arts among its most honored denizens.

It’s here Gabbie learns she has a paranormal Gift, but she doesn’t want it. Will that change when mysterious and dangerous events threaten those she loves? Will she have the courage to become the person she was born to be?


Editorial Reviews:

"What an amazing, absorbing read! I truly enjoyed every minute of it."

- Jennifer Rees, children's book editor of award-winning and New York Times bestselling Teen Fiction, including Suzanne Collins' unparalleled The Hunger Games series.


"A journey filled with magic and hauntings, spells and conjuring, sadness and misgivings. This young adult fiction pulled me in with its crisp language and the possibilities of learning about the mixed culture of the Creoles." 

- Aneesha Shewani, Editor, Reedsy

Order directly from am*zon: https://www.am*zon.com/dp/B08Y62KJ2D

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