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War Between Good and Evil (New Book of Poetry)

Guest Ira Davis

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Guest Ira Davis

Praying for Book Review by AALBC. - My name is Ira Davis. I am the author of the book "War Between Good and Evil". ISBN is 978-1-953090-23-2. Publication Date  06/08/2021. Synopsis: War Between Good and Evil: A collection of Poems, Vol. I., is a completed 12,342-word poetry book that mostly describes life in America through the lens of a Black man. The poems describe the challenges of growing up in poverty with an absent father and a mother who will move mountains to hold her family together. The speaker describes his struggles and the challenges of making ends meet and how he eventually overcomes those struggles and achieves his aspirations. The poems are of conflict and triumph. Poems like “Our Mama – Ruth Catherine Lee-Davis” pay tribute to a loving mother who spends her life putting her family first. Of his mother’s tenacity, the speaker writes, “It’s time for you now to take a Ride, / For your price lies on the other Side” (Davis. 2-3). In “Brandon’s Poem,” the speaker remembers a dear friend lost along the way. “To My Young Brothers” warns a younger generation of men and women of mistakes and choices that can make or break an individual. “Being Black In America” is a rhythmic plea for a more inclusive America that is yet to embrace all her children, with lines like “Police don’t have to have a reason / Because killing our Blacks is always in season” (Davis. 12-13). And although War Between Good and Evil is a one-man’s journey through life, readers will find the book relatable.  http://www.id-books.org      Book_Cover_Mockup.png?fit=668%2C1024&ssl=1

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