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Guest Debra J. Mosely

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Guest Debra J. Mosely

Get Ready to Create Simply Dazzling Fondant-Covered Dress Cookies!


Fondant sugar cookie decorator, Debra J. Mosely, was inspired by fashion, and she created this book to show you how to create simple fondant-covered dress cookies at home like the professionals.


Simple Fondant Dress Cookies is filled with dress cookie designs that a beginner fondant cookie decorator, home baker, or experienced fondant users can make at home without purchasing a lot of expensive tools. You can use whatever dress cookie cutter you currently have at home to start creating these beautiful designs or choose a new one.


There are 57 fondant-covered dress cookie designs featured in this book, including evening dresses, wedding, and bridal dresses, and other beautiful looking simple dress designs. These decorated fondant-covered dress cookies are perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers, or any other celebration.


Lots of photos and how-to instructions are included to guide you through the fondant decorating process, and there is a fondant troubleshooting guide if you have problems.


Information is included on each fondant dress cookie design page regarding cellophane bag sizes.


There are four sugar cookie recipes included to use as the base for your decorated fondant-covered dress cookies or you can use your own favorite sugar cookie recipe. The cookie recipe section also includes tips for success and information to make your baking process easier and faster.


This book will become your favorite book to reach for when you want to design quick and easy fondant-covered dress sugar cookies.


Purchase your copy today of Simple Fondant Dress Cookies for yourself and for your favorite baker.


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