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Guest Bryant Johnson Jr.

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Guest Bryant Johnson Jr.



Author: Bryant Johnson Jr.
Title: What Marty Couldn’t See
Name: Bryant Johnson Jr.
Publication date: November 26th 2021
ISBN #: 9781737066903
Marty is a nice mole who simply enjoys eating. A LOT. Only one problem, Marty is a messy eater. He is messy because he has trouble seeing. This adorable little fellow is not so adorable when it comes to his poor eating etiquette. This rhyming picture book follows Marty along with his constant attempts at feeding only to upset the neighbor’s lawns he gets into. It wouldn’t be so bad if he wouldn’t leave their lawns in shambles. “So he’d run away back into his hole.” One of the neighbors catches up with Marty and finally confronts him about the messes he’s been causing. Will Marty be able to do what he loves the most, or will he live his life on the run? “You get off my lawn!”

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