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NY Times Bestselling Author of God Don't Like Ugly Endorses RUTHLESS PAMELA JEAN by Carol Denise Mitchell

Guest CD Mitchell

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Guest CD Mitchell

I am so happy and pleased and mesmerized to learn that NY TIMES Bestselling author, Mary Monroe GOD DON'T LIKE UGLY has endorsed my new book RUTHLESS PAMELA JEAN with two five star reviews as follows:




I knew I was going to enjoy this book. Pamela had every right to be angry at times and I was glad she almost killed the two girls in the tunnel incident. Her references to Iceberg Slim made me even more interested in this book because I was a huge fan of his books back in the day.

I believe Pamela and Jonah could have had a great future together if things had worked out differently for Jonah. I was glad she found love with another man anyway though.

Pamela met some good people along the way and life was looking up for her. It was a shame she had to meet Patrice. This backstabbing so-and-so got what she deserved in the end, though.

This book was painful to read at times. But I'm glad I read it because I was pleased with the ending.


-Review by Mary Monroe "God Don't Like Ugly"


As a writer I am thrilled because Mary is by far my favorite writer of the 21st Century. To have this kind of endorsement from such a major, prolific, writing star means the world to me and I can't wait for TROY to see this. The review is available on Goodreads under RUTHLESS PAMELA JEAN by Carol Denise MitchelldecodeProduct.chain%5D



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