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Please consider reviewing Civil Rights Baby

Guest Nita Wiggins

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Guest Nita Wiggins

Hello Discussion Forum-  My name is Nita Wiggins.


Would you please consider reviewing my memoir? The title, Civil Rights Baby: My Story of Race, Sports, and Breaking Barriers in American Journalism, pays tribute to Mrs. Rosa Parks, some with whom I shared a moving moment.


Paperback 978-1-7375805-0-8

E-book 978-1-7375805-1-5


November 16, 2021


How would you fight to keep your dream alive?

Award-winning journalist Nita Wiggins reveals the abuses that happen off camera inside television stations. She begins life with a belief in equal opportunity. By age eight, she develops the unexpected goal to soar to the highest level in the male domain of sports reporting. She’s going where excellence reigns. For her, that means reporting on the Dallas Cowboys football team in Texas. But she is chasing a moving goalpost.

Along her journey, Nita interviews international icons Rosa Parks, Muhammad Ali, and President Jimmy Carter, as well as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Jackie Joyner-Kersee. Wiggins’ tale explores several questions: Will battle-weary Nita buckle, or can she outlast unyielding obstructionists? And will the Civil Rights Act of 1964, signed two months after her birth, protect or fail her in her American life?

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