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The Little Girl With the Big Voice

Guest Adam Reingold

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Guest Adam Reingold

Author  Wé McDonald
Published: 2018

Wé McDonald (pronounced “way”) is a black New York City-born singer-songwriter who had a star-making turn on the hit NBC TV show The Voice. She drew national attention in 2016 as she rose to the top of the competition under the guidance of Alicia Keys. A thoughtful teenager who learned to respect and value differences at an early age, Wé revealed on The Voice that she experienced bullying and body-image issues while growing up. Since then, she has become a national advocate for young people facing similar challenges while pursuing a career in music. As a result of these experiences,  Wé authored the children's book, The Little Girl With the Big Voice. It is a powerful story about a girl who courageously embraces her uniqueness and discovers her true voice—overcoming personal struggles and great challenges. Wé's story inspires kids to work to fulfill their dreams and to expand their own understanding of themselves and the world around them. 

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