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Press Release: "The Night Before Christmas" Children's Book

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This book is truly black girl magic!  Every little girl should have their own copy.  It is critical that we fill our homes with literature featuring characters that look like them and Dr. Carter doesn't stop short of doing that. All through the pages of this life-like book, Pretty Pops is engaging in activities like any other little girl her age.  As a behavioral scientist and veteran teacher, Dr. Carter has experienced and studied the negative and positive impact print has on people especially children. When children see themselves in print, it affirms who they are as a beautiful human beings.


The Night Before Christmas: 


This is a beautifully crafted rendition of a classic tale. Dr. Carter's poetic talent shines through vividly with the turn of each page. The life-like illustrations make you feel part of Pretty Pops' journey as she anxiously awaits Santa's return.


The Night Before Christmas is every child's dream. To not only see Santa but the gifts that he brings.

A celebration of newcomer Dr. Carter's imaginative poetry.

A conveniently and wonderfully created paperwork for easy handling.

Images that draw you into Pretty Pops' excitement to see Santa.

A love for all things Christmas and family.

Cost-effective so everyone can enjoy and experience one of America's favorite classics at an affordable price.


Book Series Synopsis:


While the United States has a diverse population, diversity isn't always reflected in children's books.  As a former veteran teacher, I found it difficult to find books to read to my students that looked like them and told their stories.  The Adventures of Pretty Pops Series does just that.   Pretty Pops is a sweet whimsical little brown girl who loves to go on adventures but often wanders off alone. Pretty Pops' friends, Mr. Lion and Xyz come along with her to make sure she’s safe. The books’ themes are love, kindness, self-control, self-acceptance, and self-awareness.


Author Bio:



Dr. Andrea Carter (1973- ), a 20-year veteran teacher and behavioral scientist, was born in Gary, Indiana, to a sharecropper and a homemaker. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Ashland University (Ohio), and St. Thomas University (Miami), she began her career at Milwaukee Public Schools. Living out her life's dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher, Dr. Carter helped shape the next generation. During her career, she established two charter schools for at-risk youth. Now she has taken her skills out of the classroom into the minds of children worldwide by sharing her writing and learning tools that helped disenfranchised and marginalized students achieve. Her goal is to leave a legacy of learning and teaching and provide the skills needed to succeed by giving knowledge. Additionally, she travels the world and teaches how faith in God will allow you to live the life of your dreams.

A Ronald McNair Scholar and a first-generation doctor.


Purchase the book at the following links:


night.ebook cover.jpg

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