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Book Review Request: Sloppy (Pre-Release)

Guest Jasmine Farrell

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Guest Jasmine Farrell



I am poppin' in here because I am interested in a book review.


Name/Author's Name: Jasmine Farrell

Book's Title: Sloppy

ISBN13: 9781737946090

Publication Date: January 11th 2022



Roxanne is at a crossroads between choosing what's right for her versus bending for her fears and family's comfort.
Love, sexual identity and navigating the beginnings of adulting are the main themes in this late coming of age story.


Classic preacher’s kid, Roxanne felt like the oddball in her environment.

By age 22, she found herself compromising and settling in various avenues of her life- including love.

Will Roxanne be brave enough to end her relationship with a man who ails her? Will she take the path towards her purpose no matter how sloppy it looks? Or will she allow the world and her family to dictate right and wrong?


Warning: There are two sex scenes towards the end of the book.


NetGalley: https://www.netgalley.com/catalog/book/243875

Booksprout https://booksprout.co/arc/82368/sloppy





Book Cover:




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