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Dr. Marvellus Djinn's Odd Scholars: A YA Historical Fantasy Adventure!


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The year: 1920. When famed magician, Dr. Marvellus Djinn, selects a motley crew of talented teens to tour her theme park of magic and mythological creatures, all are elated for the opportunity. Once they arrive, the odd scholars realize Dr. Djinn is more than just a wealthy magician eager to provide Colored folks with an escape from Jim Crow. From cotton candy teleportation to haunted obelisks and swallowing monsters, The Motherland packs a thrilling, and dangerous, punch.

'This is a magical YA novel that really pulled in Black History in a big way. I enjoyed meeting the young scholars, learning their backstories, and following them through a fantastic journey.'

-Lynn Emery, author of Night Magic and The Dr. Zen Mystery Series


ISBN NO: 978-1734627992

Dr. Marvellus Djinn's Odd Scholars

Paperback   Mobi Ebook   Epub Ebook


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