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Guest GangTales Publication's

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Guest GangTales Publication's

From Gang Tales Publications


"GangTales Publications is the first publishing company of its kind that is independent and gives its authors 100% ownership of their creative work. GangTales Publications is owned and operated by CEO Stanley E. James II, based out of North Long Beach CA. His mission for the publishing company is to give the streets a voice that America’s national media news outlets do not cover or really given much concern, primarily in our poverty-stricken ghettos around the world. Here on the streets, the middle class and the poor are the majority. We have a voice. Let’s stand together and be heard!"



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Guest Seeking Black Publishing

I am a new author with a recently written first Children Book looking for a Black publishing company. Please share any recommendations. Gang Tales Publication how can I contact you for follow-up publishing details?

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Guest Zoomcatchers

We are Zoomcatchers and we reimagine virtual! We are a virtual event and production company. Our mission is to create high-quality events and take your projects to the next level!


We produce:


  • Author Presentations

  • Festivals/Conferences

  • Table Readings

  • Product Launches


Let us turn your dream event into reality! Learn more by viewing the attached presentation with a Pulitzer nominee author: watch here.


Click here to learn more about us:

Zoomcatchers Pitch deck


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