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MVmedia Spotlight: Nasomi's Quest by Enock I. Simbaya

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'To readers unacquainted with it, Nasomi's Quest is a radical but valuable introduction to black speculative fiction, an adrenaline-spiked adventure into the occult and the power of dreams.'
- Eugen Bacon, author of The Road to Woop Woop and Writing Speculative Fiction


A love story. An ordinary girl and a tribal prince fall in love. Loving her costs him everything. Loving him earns her a vengeful nemesis.
An adventure story. Witches, magic, secrets, dangerous things to come. He’s taken to the edge of the world. Grappling an unwanted gift, she follows.
A transformation story. All she wants is to be an ordinary woman, but she may have to become something more.

Order Nasomi's Quest today!


Nasomi's Quest

ISBN no. 978-1734627909

Nasomi's Quest Final Cover 2.jpg

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