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Breanna Taylor- she was involved in criminal activity- lets be real

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Breanna Taylor was letting her ex boyfriend ship drugs to her home. She even argued with him about not getting enough money for taking the risk. If Breanna Taylor didnt let her ex send drugs to her home, the narcotics squad would never of put her under investigaion and get a search legal search warrant for her home. Another example of irresponsible behavior.

The cops had a legal “ no knock “ warrant but STILL KNOCKED anyway, in fact 3 times !
When the police tried to enter her home, Breanna’s then boyfriend started shooting because he thought they were there to rob them of drugs. Again, if Breanna didnt let her on and off boyfrien send drugs to her home, this would of never happened. Just listen to the prison recording of her and her ex. She was telling him that she was at the “ stash house “. 

IRRESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR!!!!! Her family said she wanted to have a baby with her boyfriend. She wasnt married!!!!! She was involved in illegal activity !!!!


Duante Wright same thing, he had a Loaded Handgun in his car and that is why he was afraid to comply with the cops. I wonder who Duante Wrights intended victim was? Who was he going to shoot ? Duante also got a baby mamma pregnant when he was only 17 . Typical !!!!

How about the so called “ jogger” in Georgia who the black community claims broke into a house to get a glass of water … yeah right !

By the way h was arrested with a loaded handgun at a high school. 


Stop glorifying these idiots. None of them were innocent. Each and every one of them were involved in illegal activity. 


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There are many other blacks that should be added to that list of doing something illegal, not complying with police, and resisting arrest. 
Thats the problem, not the police. None of those blacks that died were innocently going to church, leaving the office, going grocery shopping… Michael Brown was the biggest fraud !

They were all up to no good. Then again we can riot and get a bunch of free stuff and burn down our own communities.

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