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Book Review Request: I AM YOU by Osamase Ekhator

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Author Name: Osamase Ekhator


Book Title: I AM YOU: A Book of Poetry


ISBN13: 978-1667851075


Publication date: July 26, 2022


Book cover image: Attached


Synopsis: In this literary journey, "I AM YOU" will focus on three themes: Love, Religion, and Social Injustice. These themes attempt to answer the question of what it means to be a "man" in America, through a Black lens.  "I AM YOU" also features a hate-love relationship between two main characters, the Narrator and his off-and-on love interest, named A.M. Erica. The genre of the book is poetry and it consists of 60 poems (130 total pages) separated into four chapters, titled:


1. childHOOD ft. A.M. Erica
2. BLACK: Love It or Hate It
4. Get Up



It would be an honor to have you read my book and share your honest thoughts/review! Thank you for your consideration! 


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