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Hi Everyone,

I would like to invite reviews of my recently published novella A Man and His Wife.

Author:  Ronald A. Kuykendall

ISBN:  9798201472696

Publication date:  August 12, 2022

Format:  ebook

Description:  This is the remarkable story of a consensual, loving, respectful, romance between Leon and Marie Louise, an enslaved man and enslaved woman, whose slave marriage survived under the brutal conditions of slavery.  "Their world of slavery, though harsh and cruel, was no impediment to their love, affection, and devotion to one another; their marriage was their priority, and not even slavery could change that."  However, when a plan to sell Leon is discovered he runs away, but he promises Marie Louise he would return for her.  As fate would have it the Civil War intervenes, and it would be a twenty-five year odyssey before the two, who remained faithful to their marriage, are miraculously reunited.

Available in Ebook at this link:  https://books2read.com/u/br1KAw


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