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Growing up King:An Intimate Memoir

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IT'S not that easy being a King. The mantle of Kingship weighs heavily on the shoulders of Black America's first family and its chosen spokesman, 42-year-old Dexter Scott King, feels that pressure intensely as he tries to preserve his father's "Dream" and pursue his own.

In his new book, Growing Up King: An Intimate Memoir, written with Ralph Wiley, he candidly confronts his critics and poignantly examines the effect his father's assassination had on his childhood, adolescence and early adulthood. He also discusses other family tragedies including the murder of his grandmother and the deaths of his uncle and grandfather. It was not an easy journey home.

Writing the book was difficult, he says, but, in the end, therapeutic. "I think the first half of the book is very emotional," he says. "It took me through a lot of ups and downs emotionally, while the second half gets more complicated technically."


Have anyone read this book???Would love to hear your opinions.

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