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Chance Arradondo, is a novelist, poet, and lyricist who was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1989. He holds a degree in Business Management from Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

Chance wrote rap lyrics, short stories and poetry in high school. He got his inspiration to write and rap lyrics from his aunt Tina Arradondo, and short stories from his mother Carlotta Arradondo. As he grew up he loved watching sci-fiction movies and reading the comics. From there he put his writing skills in motion and began to seriously focus his energy on writing poetry, short stories and sci-fiction full-time. He also went on to record lyrics in the studio, and showcase his poetry on stage at the Capri theater in north Minneapolis, alongside his cousin K. Caprice Arradondo. In 2009, at the age of nineteen, Chance Arradondo co-authored, Writer’s Block Poetry and Food for Thought, with his mother Carlotta Arradondo and his cousin K. Caprice Arradondo. In Writer’s Block Poetry and Food for Thought, he discusses a variety of topics ranging from politics, religion, and the struggles of being a young black man in America. He is currently [2018] working on his solo writing project, a work of sci-fiction.

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