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Goldie the Poet

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Goldie the Poet is one of those, whose abilities have been truly blessed.

This Bay-Area native, whose destined path as an artist continues to ascend, is a prominent alumnus of Leimert Park's World Stage Poets. A supportive circle of Brothers and Sisters dedicated to the enhancement of their creativity and their conununity, these L. A. based writer/performers count such highly-touted word meister like, D-Knowledge and Kamau Daa'ood, amongst its fold. All bold conscious minds whom like Goldie, delivered weekly dousings of verbal fire, to waves of new converts.

As an actor, Goldie's preparation at L.A. City College's Theater Academy created the foundation for a number of promising successes. His role as a young convict in the play, Just Us, garnered a positive mention in both the Los Angeles Times and the L. A Weekly. On film he captivated us as a featured player in Snoop Doggy Dogg's infamous mini-feature, Murder Was The Case.

In his present focus on stated expression, Goldie's presence has graced venues across the U S. and Europe, including appearances at the Sunset Strip's, House of Blues and Atlanta's Black Arts Festival, as well as on tour with the critically acclaimed, Me'Shell NdegeOcello. In London (where he grooved onstage at the venerated Mango Lick, with Soul sensation, Roacbford) his adroit wordplay encountered wild acceptance.

Since relocating to Northem Califonia, he has continued to hone his skills, with involvement in projects like Ten Poets Plus A Mic, a -well-known poetry and theater group, and the Diesel Word showcase, both located in the greater Oakland area. FHS work has been committed to posterity as part of the Never Again Project, a compilation of recordings featuring doses of brilliance from the poetic, vanguard. Goldie has also authored contributions in, Tough Love - The Life and Death of Tupac Shakur, and in, Catch The Fire, both of these, well received National Poetry Anthologies.

Now, in a tribute to his gift as a latter-day griot, he has released a CD entitled, Chronicles. Harmonized with the resonance of Jazz, Funk, and Rhythm and Blues, these eleven shots of clarity reflect the evolution of a voice whose conviction demands acknowledgment.

Acutely attuned to the pulse that propels truth towards acceptance, Goldie's command of the oral tradition, conveys to all who listen, a sense of the sublime.

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