James W. Lewis

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James W. Lewis is a novelist and freelance writer.

James won the 2011 National Black Book Festival Best New Author award for his debut novel Sellout. He also won the African American fiction category in the International Book Awards and placed as a finalist in the 2011 Global Ebook Awards and 2011 Indie Excellence Awards.

He’s also a managing partner of the publishing company The Pantheon Collective.

James is now completing his studies in Kinesiology, hoping to eventually attend graduate school to study Physical Therapy. In addition to writing, he loves to DJ and has a collection of over 300 vinyl records.

James does extensive volunteer work at a local veterans assistance center and Boys & Girls Club.

The Pantheon CollectiveThe Pantheon Collective
Three Minds. One Mission. No Limits


Co-Founders; Qwantu Amaru, Stephanie Casher, and James W.Lewis

Pantheon Collective photo by Lisa Rose

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