Book Review: Z-Rated: Chocolate Flava 3

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by Zane

Publication Date:
List Price: $17.00
Format: Paperback, 368 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9781451689624
Imprint: Atria Books
Publisher: Simon & Schuster, Inc.
Parent Company: CBS Corporation
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Book Reviewed by Robert Fleming

Some years ago, Zane shocked the square world in the black literary community with her series of raunchy, raw erotic tales delivered online. Talented and thinking outside of the usual sexual boundaries, she conquered the concept of carnal obsession in her groundbreaking novel, Addicted, which grew her audience and eventually gained the attention of the folks at Simon & Schuster who offered an imprint for her maverick ways. Along her many sizzling novels, she has published several collections including Caramel Flava and Honey Flava, but this new one in the Chocolate Flava series pushes the sensual envelope to the limit.

Reading the twenty-seven stories of this anthology is the equivalent of a very hot, hot date when sexual desire explodes into a wild out-of-body experience. Zane takes pleasure into choosing some of the nastiest tales imaginable, selecting sweaty segments from some of her old friends: Allison Hobbs, Cairo, N‘Tyse, Tigress Healy, and Rae. None of these folks let her down. As followers of Ms. Hobbs know, she can really put out with the heated pounding and wet thigh cream as in her story, “Dick Tease,” while Cairo‘s “The Pussy Pleaser” is a tribute to a satyr from the Hood who recognizes steamy pink when he sees it.

Erotica veteran Tenille Brown‘s “Choices” explains why her main character, Leroy is good with his digits, hip grinding, and sweet talk. Everybody wants to watch something that they should not see as in the case of Perkdaddy‘s “Sneakin‘ and Peekin‘.” A peeper‘s tasty delight. Candy Jackson, a newcomer, turns in a winning performance with her “Control Freak,” while the stories by Tabitha Strong, Jewells, and Scott G. send soaring the temperature in every room of the house.

Other than Shane Allison‘s gender-flipped “Big Girls Need Dick, Too,” there is a quartet of flesh-on-flesh gems, like Alegra Verde‘s exciting “The Brother,” Giselle Renarde‘s clever “Tight Jeans,” Shakir Rashaan‘s pounding “To Protect And Serve,” and Kwesi Walker‘s provocative “The Jewelry Dreamer.” But one of my favorites in the collection remains Richard Burns‘ “Sweet Chocolate‘s First Taste,” about a young infantryman‘s maiden voyage into the realm of feminine sexual softness, providing us with the innocent view of a male virgin when he encounters such “perfectly proportioned breasts, narrow waist, sweeping curve of her hips and scrumptious, perfectly developed ass.” Another surprising moment is the inclusion of an intense story by editor-writer Rachel Kramer Bussel of wicked dom play and spanks, “Party On,” which unruly sex outlaws will love.

In terms of the erotic collections which Zane has edited throughout years, this one, Z-Rated, outdoes most of them currently on the bookshelves, crackling sparks off the page. Zane also contributes a crisp, smoldering story, “Mea Culpa,” that concludes the anthology, while her son, Zander, opens it with his memorable “Come See a Man About a Horse.” This collection is a compulsive read, full of lust, temptation, quirks, fetishes, and edge-of-your seat sexual tension.

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