How to Get Your Book Reviewed by

Sample screen shot of an AALBC Book ReviewAll Books Submitted for Review Should:

  • Be written in English.
  • Not require highly technical or specialized knowledge.
  • Be a bound, finished book or galley (or ebook)
  • Have an ISBN

All commissioned reviews benefit from the following:

  • Reviews are permanently published on the website (see list of reviewed books)
  • Reviews are linked on the homepage for at least a month
  • Reviews are highlighted in our monthly newsletter (see current newsletter) which reaches more than 15,000 subscribers
  • Reviews, at’s discretion, are considered for inclusion on our social media platforms including; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We love to share the news about book that received favorable reviews.

An review is one of the best ways to inform the online, book-loving, community about your book.

There are two ways your book may be reviewed by

  1. Commissioned Book Review ($399.00 fee)
  2. Submitted for Review Consideration (no fee).

Whether you submit your book for review consideration or take advantage of our commissioned book review, you can expect the same quality book review.

Please click here to read what you can expect from an Book Review.

Commissioned Book Review ($399.00 fee) (completed in 6 weeks or less)

All authors whose books are reviewed will be provided with a complimentary Author’s Profile. To have your book reviewed by please follow the two steps below:

1 – Submit Payment

Alternatively, you may mail a money order or certified check, for $399, payable to (email us for the mailing address).

2 – Submit Book Information

  • The best way to supply the book information is to complete our book form
  • Please submit the author’s biographical information for the Author Profile by using our Author Information form.
  • If your book is available for purchase online, we will purchase the book and ship it directly to the reviewer.
  • If your book has not been published or is unavailable for sale for any other reason, you’ll need to mail it to The mailing instructions will be provided after payment.
  • Some of our reviewers prefer to review eBooks, please let us know if an ebook version of your book is available via or another service.

Submitted for Review Consideration (no fee) (review is not guaranteed)

In addition to the guidelines mentioned above, you should consider the following when submitting your book for review consideration:

  • If your book is chosen to be reviewed you will receive a complimentary Author’s Profile
  • We review self-published books
  • Preference is given to books prior to release date or no more than 1-year past publication date
  • Share your book´s information as described below
  • Please do not mail books to us unless we request that you do so.
  • If we request your book, it is very likely we will review it. However, we will not guarantee it will be reviewed.
  • There is no deadline for the publication of your review. We will, however, try to adhere to our regular 2 to 3 mnonth time frame.

AALBC Africam American Literature discussion forumTo Have Your Book Considered for Review:
Please share information about your book on our African American Literature Discussion Forum. Please include your name, the author´s name,  the book´s title, ISBN13, publication date, book cover image, and synopsis. Also, state that you are interested in a book review. This is the fastest way to notify us about your desire for a review and has the added benefit of informing our readers about your book.   

If a decision is made to review the book, we will follow up on the forum with instructions. Keep in mind we receive many requests for book reviews, and can only accommodate a small percentage of requests.  We are no longer accepting requests, for book reviews, via email.

Stack of booksWhat You Can Expect From an Book Review does not guarantee a favorable review
We hope our reviewer will love your book; however. there is no guarantee. You are guaranteed an unbiased and honest review of your book, written in a style that readers have come to expect from the particular reviewer.

Remember, you can always get your book on through, without having it critically reviewed, via an author’s profile or advertising campaign.

How long does it take for a book review to be published on

Your book review will be published on in 2 to 3 months from the date payment was made.

How long does the book review remain on the website?

Book reviews will remain on the website for the life of or until you choose to have the book review removed. reserves the right to decline to review any book submitted for review.  
There are not many reasons for declining to review a book. If the book review is declined, and it is a commissioned review, both the payment and book will be returned.

The book will be reviewed by one of the Reviewers

Visit for a current list of reviews. Publishers and authors may suggest, but can not choose, which reviewer will review their book. reviewers will read the entire book (probably more than once). reviews will have the following characteristics:

500 words minimum length
A critical analysis not just a description of the book
The degree to which the reviewer likes or dislikes a book will be stated clearly
Positive and negative points will be highlighted when possible

The reviewer chosen to review the book will not have more than a casual relationship with the book’s author.

The intent here is to avoid any undue appearance bias. reviews are written with the book-buying public in mind. reviews are not scholarly dissertations. The reviews are written for the general public. will not rewrite a review.

We will acknowledge and correct factual errors, but we will not rewrite a published review. reviewers are under no obligation to respond to feedback from the author regarding a published review. 

Remember all reviews are subjective, based solely upon the opinion of an individual reviewer. reviewers are all well-read, experienced book reviewers, passionate about our literature, and most importantly committed to providing their honest assessment of an author’s work.

If reviews my book unfavorably may I opt-out of having it published on
Yes. If the book review was commissioned (fee-based), you may opt-out of having your book review published on You may of course use excerpts from the review as you deem appropriate.

Who owns the Book Review? retains copyright of all reviews. Purchasers of commissioned book reviews are free to excerpt and republish their book reviews at will and in any format. Credit should be given to, with a link back to when the review is published anywhere other than does not return books mailed to us for review

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