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Nubian Writer


Be still! "pop" the comb connects with my small fingers in an attempt to keep my hands from getting burned by the prssing comb. Long, thick, black hair and I hated Saturdays. This day represented hair day in the house. You see momma did not spend money on things she could do herself. This is the day momma got us back for all the wrong we had done during the week, I am sure of it. Smoke, heat, and the constent sizzle of that pressing comb connecting with my hair and vaseline. Looking back on those days, a shear reminder that I miss momma, even after 30 years. I remember.

August must have been a month of joy and sadness-joy of a new life being born yet with the sadness of what lies ahead unseen. I don't remember much as asmall child but, I do remember being a child.

Momma was a beautiful black woman with gold filled smiles, hair that danced and curves that commanded attention. The words spoken were always of love and chastisment. God created in 1902 a Proverbs 31 Woman. The store managers and workers new her well. You see back in those days, you could get credit when your funds were low. Just take a note of the items needed and the date you will pay, if you paid as agreed, they extended credit. I remember, the family dinners where everyone drank Cold Duck, smoked Pall Malls and cussed like they was about to figth but wait, we are family. Thats how they showed love. Hot sunny days in the garden of bugs with rakes, hoes, and fish fertilizer. The smells were peutride but the harvest was plentiful with collard greens, green beans, corn and lest not forget those green onions. Those were the days of watch your back and your neighbors too. Those were the days of ol wives tales being told about back in the day, what back in the day? whose day? The day when coloreds had to enter through the back door, ride on the bus, in the back. Things have changed since then but things are still the same. If momma could see now, black President and freedom of speech. Black owned business and brats hanging on street corners with their pants hanging off their behinds, calling this a style. Oh how stupid they would feel for one of those back in the people to get in your face and dare you to blink but now, children with no respect for self or others, teenage baby boomes with no clue as to what life is. Jesus, who came to give us life has been tossed the side for the slick talking, smooth walking, abuse riddled souls, lost.

I remember, when life was so much easier if, we just remembered.


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