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***SEE*NOW:BLACK*STAR*NETWORK&MORE!!! [ROLAND*MARTIN:BLACK*MEDIA"REPORTING]: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV0-sUWqc4w ("'THORNES'*OWN*THEIR*BLACK*THRONES"... COPYRIGHT/TM04/04/2022)!!! ***F.O.I.:MAGGIE*ANDERSON":GURU[B.W.S.] ENRICHING*THE*BLACK*OWNED$$$TOO": [CIRCULATING*OUR*BLACK$$$*FUBU*TOO]: EMPOWERING*A*NEW*BLACK*WALLSTREET!!! https://authormaggieanderson.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHdeQBGUsTc https://www.instagram.com/p/CKRx-bjJd1C/ https://w

***BIDEN*OLD???&FULL*OF*WISDOM!!!  ***"James Brown *Papa's Got A Brand New Bag"[ https://lnkd.in/dKQMegBC ]!!!:



***AFRICA&AFRICANS*ALERT!!!: white-republican------ NEANDERTHAL[S]thinking: STILL-WANTING-YOUR-RESOURCES ------"MERCENARY Erik Prince SHOWS HIS RACISM by wanting to RE-COLONIZE African, Latin American countries": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmtIKvHCKmE Here’s are Prince’s exact words: https://theintercept.com/2024/02/10/erik-prince-off-leash-imperialism-colonialism/ "If so many of these countries around the world are incapable of governing themselv

#READINGBLACK SURVEY 2024 How many books did you read last year?

Please visit the #Readingblack Club to answer the survey question, or feel free to respond here.   QUESTION:  Are you reading anything this year?  If Yes, what genre? Fiction or Nonfiction? Is the format Digital, Audio, or Print (Paperback, Hardcover)? Are you consuming the material with a digital device such as an iPhone, Android, or electronic reader (kindle, PC, etc)? Are you reading the traditional way, such as an actual book in hand where you

Richard Murray Creative Table 4

MY CREATIVE TABLE  2023 art summary ,  December 2023 secret santa, Richard Murray Centos 2023, Princess Candace New Year, Jiausiku 1-2-3 Shadow 1 , weird fashion, Dark Soul photomanipulation,  Dark Academia, Valentine's Nostalgia, Jiausiku 4-5-6  Shadow 2-3 ,  Biden state of the union reply, Jiausiku shadow 4, sign on a signpost,  Mandala Sphere, Jiausiku shadow 5 part 1 ,  march 2024 ai challenge, my 4 days at the National Black Writers Conference, valentine Nostalgia, Creative si

Welcome to Nightmare Land: 悪夢の国にようこそ『まるで悪夢を抱いているようです』

Last night I had a dream about my uncle Bill. He was sitting with me in a kitchen area and we were talking about life. We were talking about doing exercise and running around the block for health reasons. I remembered he was a military man. We also sat down and read comic books together. He wanted me to read comics to him. I remembered in this dream, initially I didn’t feel like reading the comics but near the end of that portion of the dream, I remember I became motivated to read those comic bo

God, thank you for everything that you made in this enormous universe and this gifted beautiful planet earth for us to live.

THANK YOU  SO MUCH for everything you're done for us.  How can I give back to your love for us.  What I can do is not much but hope I can give you back what's good and being beautiful to your eyes.  Hope I can live my life to do your work and be of  help even if it is a bit.  THANK YOU GOD that you have trained me and guide me patiently until I came to where I am and what I am to be.  God, I love you so much as much as you do.  I am just a small human being but a

The life of the universe was created

All things are A world of great harmony it is perfect. All living things live in a world of perfection and great harmony. Great Universe = Great Harmony = Perfection = Life Life is perfect from the moment it is born. Life is perfect. There is no concept of health. for humans When I'm about to lose my perfection He gives us the feeling of sickness. from the universe This is a letter of encouragement. thank you. To be alive and alive When I regain my

His name is Lord Jesus Christ

2023/12/13 His name is Lord Jesus Christ In the beginning there was a word. The word was with God. The Word was God. This word was with God in the beginning. All things were created by the word. There was nothing that came into existence that did not come into being without words. There was life in the words. Life was the light that illuminated humans. light shines in the darkness. The darkness did not understand the light. There was a man sent by God. His name is John. He came to


Amin_Parker in History

To regret past mistakes: I see this as a wrong way to reflect.

Reflection is generally considered a virtue, but Reflection when accompanied by feelings of regret I don't see it as a good thing. Because, Feelings of regret are seen as unrighteousness. Because it is considered a bad thing. The evil effects are so bad that they fall into beasts, asuras, and hungry shinigami ghosts. Yes, that is considered a spooky thing. Now then, I will talk about a good man who has no regrets. What is the correct method of reflection? To do so you must us

The Biblical and Historical Persecution of Blacks and Jews by Gentile Nations

United States politicians support Israel, financially and politically, Evangelical Christians also support Israel, for biblical reasons, yet a large percentage of white Americans and Europeans, British and others, are vehement antisemites and for whatever reason persecute Jewish people and the concept of Zionism.   This is the international atmosphere since the Holocaust (1933-1945), when Germany persecuted and committed genocide of millions of Jewish people, and the establishment of I


TSegal in Black History

The Vote

A brief history is in order. Black suffrage was a tool of white supremacy before the Civil War. During the 1860s, in a New York State election, people voted against black suffrage.  White behavior will make you go, hmmmmmm WTF. How many free Africans lived in NY in 1860? Out of a NYC population of 7,000,  1,600 were of African descent and most of them were slaves. I guess the thinking was “Shit, let the 100 black folks vote and they will take over everything and fuck it up for us.” The

The whileBlack Chronicles'

An excerpt from the White People's Playbook Page on my website. More of my random thoughts you might find of interest.   The WPP narrative is that we don’t vote because we are leeches of government and just don’t care. But history tells a much different story. Led by freed men and women ex-slaves aligned with white allies in the south, to sweep Republicans into power. Just think about that for a moment. The civil war ended 5 years earlier and ex-slaves were exercising their right to vo


aMhayes in The Vote

The whileBlack Chronicles' When United Black Families Encounter Powerful Whites What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

The first book in the whileBlack Chronicles’ takes place where most of us started in America; on a cotton plantation. Some of you may think, “Great, just what I want to read about, the evils of slavery. So, who cares? It was too long ago, and besides, everyone knows slavery was bad. I thought the same way. At the same time, the Chronicles’ has to begin on a plantation. For a novice writer like me, it was a challenge. How do I bring the story to life and not write about the breakup of famil
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