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  1. Afro Times News Update Apr 20.19 Government corruption - Sexting to prison pipeline - Criminalizing America - Medicare vs Insurance and much more. These people have lost their minds. Little by little, they are losing control of their reasoning.
  2. When white supremacy touches home is when Black people begin to even acknowledge it. Systemic injustice, face-to-face bigotry, videos of police brutality close to home or white folks in your neighborhood flying the confederate flag being revealed as racists. It's sad because for years I attempted to remind people that racism is still there but Black folks browbeat me using the "don't blame the white man" excuse, but now its clear. Yep, Black politicians are complacent and most Black folks are also until it actually hits home. Sorry about the delayed response. I try to get over here as much as possible and engage but I have learned that talking to people is sometimes just useless. So yep, I hit and run and then return.
  3. While everyone watches the reality show based on this president, behind the scenes an authoritarian rule is being pushed onto the courts. As a result, the concept of freedom is going to deteriorate in America long after this president is gone. Trump, with support from the Republican Senate, and help from Senate Democrats, are stacking the U.S. courts in favor of conservative ideology and their idea of the rule of law. This means there will be more restrictions on civil rights. Heres More About That
  4. Living paycheck to paycheck Increased debt Neglected families Media lies and hype Do not be fooled by media reports of a so-called "good economy." When news anchors and pundits talk of how good the economy is, they fail to tell you that there are two different economies. There is the investor economy and there is the working family economy. They are talking about the investor economy, not the working family economy. Read More
  5. Yes, this country is in a reprobate state of mind, given to them by God himself.
  6. Trump should be in prison, not on the ballot in 2020. If Dems cant make this happen, they full of crap. TREASON, HIGH CRIMES & MIS., FRAUD, s*xUAL ASSAULT, TAX EVASION, ESPIONAGE, BRIBERY, INCITING RIOTS, VIOLENCE AND MURDER. IF DEMS DONT DELIVER, THEN THEY IN ON IT TOO. If the average citizen had done any of these things, guess what...
  7. The people are being played by the wealthy https://afromerica.com/sanity/podcast/
  8. Yes, I wrote it and yes, afromerica is my site. I go right to the meat of the subject.
  9. What did you actually see? Is the question we should be asking ourselves. Read Article Here
  10. As Black Americans struggle against the rise of white nationalism led by an overt racist president; and as we fight against the injustice of legalized police murder and systemic mass incarceration of our young Black men and while as a unit we search hard to find a strong and positive voice of leadership for our children and to lessen the burden of the Black plight, the B.E.T. Network continues to find its pleasure in rolling exploits of the Black experience, 24/7. B.E.T. Has Perpetually Failed Black America
  11. Afro Block’s Black Scene is now offering Live Channel Streaming among our other features.1. Create an account2. Upload, suggest or embed videos3. Go Live from your PC, tablet or phone Visit http://afromerica.com/scene/
  12. Afro Block’s Black Scene is now offering Live Channel Streaming among our other features.1. Create an account2. Upload, suggest or embed videos3. Go Live from your PC, tablet or phone 4. Convert video formats using our encoder5. Extract audio and create audio streamsVisit http://afromerica.com/scene/
  13. Guns and Bibles Defend Against the New Socialism
  14. Let me interject here about the end times. A person does not have to read or study the Bible to see what's happening, although the Bible (from the Old Testament) has foretold what we can see as obvious today. For instance, God warned Israel (His chosen), that because they could not seem to stay focused on worshiping him throughout time, and chose to worship idols, he would cause them to go into captivity to another nation. That nation was Babylon, a cousin of Israel. And because Babylon mistreated His chosen during the captivity, he promised both - Babylon and His Chosen - that he would punish them all using a strange nation. That nation was not yet developed nor were they desendents of the original people and tribes of the earth, who were mostly Black and brown. 22 Thus saith the Lord, Behold, a people cometh from the north country, and a great nation shall be raised from the sides of the earth. 23 They shall lay hold on bow and spear; they are cruel, and have no mercy; their voice roareth like the sea; and they ride upon horses, set in array as men for war against thee, O daughter of Zion. (Jeremiah 6) This nation from the north are all European and Slavic peoples, who are white by nature. They have been a curse to brown and Black people since the time of the captivity in Babylon by traveling, plundering and pillaging the earth and other countries. They are warmongers, cruel and merciless, and still are. They have never been a spiritual people and have little to no connection to any Divine Being. They will fulfill the prophesy of the end times because they have developed the capabilities to destroy this earth using nukes, chemical and biological weapons. They rule the seas, and have perfected armies and the art of war. It's just a matter of time.
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