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About this blog

The Afro This Blog is an outreach of the Afromerica Domain, which consist of afromerica.com, afroblock.com, and afroword.com. I know it's redundant but the Afro people around the world need this. Enjoy. Thanks. CR.


Entries in this blog


It goes without saying; white American's are the main ones who do not take responsibility for their actions. Where do I start; the mass murders, the drug and domestic abuse and terrorism, the welfare abuse and fraud, or the wealth and economic inequality gap? They cheat in everything from wage earning to college entrance exams, to voting and generational privilege.

They had a 400-plus year head start on all people of color who they have kept back three grades in life, oppressed and literally abused, threatened and mistreated for the simple reason of arrogance and privilege. They are violent while calling others terrorist and criminals. They are cruel from the heart of humanity while lying about the character of Black men, women and children....Read More


Self-Acceptance - To accept the fact that you are Black. Regardless of where you live, what school you went to, how much money you make, and how many white friends you have, you are Black. None of the above things make you white or any more white than you think you are. They make you a successful, well educated, prosperous, and sociable Black person, which is an achievement in itself, and not an accepted convert to whiteness. It is important that Blacks realize that they are and always will be Black...Read More


The irony behind this message is that there are things Blacks believe and do everyday under the rule of white America that have nothing to do with religion. In fact, the Bible teaches a person how to come out from under these modern forms of oppression, yet Blacks refuse to read the Bible. Black America has unconsciously associated white oppression with the Bible, which is why many still linger in perpetual mental slavery...Read More


To understand the current war Black America is fighting against white America's attempt to resurrect white supremacy, you must first understand the weapons being used against us. The foremost weapon is fear, backed by threats of death by violence and confinement by imprisonment. These are the main weapons whites have used most against Blacks throughout history.

Whites base their entire existence and authority on the use of violence and confinement or the mass murder of people who are not white, using weapons of war, violence, and laws that justify and reinforce inhumane sentences against other human beings and nations. To disarm whites by taking away their guns and places of incarceration, the white race would be a weak people, if all they had to survive on was their intelligence.

But seeing it almost an impossible task to disarm their foreign and domestic military and paramilitary structure, or to tear down their walls and fences of confinement or even change their thinking to a more rational compassion toward humanity, there is only one other way to completely defeat their reign of terror on people of color without retaliation by using their own weapons of war. Bravery is the key....Read More


Afromerica has declared war on white supremacy with Black Liberation. Liberation Theology is a strategy and a form of thinking that transforms the mind from misinformation driven into the minds of Black Americans from their birth, to a mind able to discern reality from Euro-American fantasy and from underneath the strong holds of white supremacy.


What does Black Liberation offer the community? It offers a new mindset and ways of thinking. Follow us and learn how to overcome the struggle. We are visible on the web at afromerica.com, afroblock.com, and afroword.com. Visit and contribute what you know for your people.

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