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White Folks are the Biggest Hypocrites



It goes without saying; white American's are the main ones who do not take responsibility for their actions. Where do I start; the mass murders, the drug and domestic abuse and terrorism, the welfare abuse and fraud, or the wealth and economic inequality gap? They cheat in everything from wage earning to college entrance exams, to voting and generational privilege.

They had a 400-plus year head start on all people of color who they have kept back three grades in life, oppressed and literally abused, threatened and mistreated for the simple reason of arrogance and privilege. They are violent while calling others terrorist and criminals. They are cruel from the heart of humanity while lying about the character of Black men, women and children....Read More


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@TSegal, those are some views you got there, brother!  However, this mess goes a lot deeper than most people realize.  For the sake of this discussion let’s say that instead of 400+ years for European White folks to get it together; they had over 1000+ years of planning.  I must use caution here as all I say must be accurate, though ever so unpopular.  Allegations of ‘anti-semitism’ holds must greater penalties than violations of civil rights.  Here we go!


Since before the Roman empire was established, Jews who separated from other European Whites were prosecuted by virtually every society on earth, they got tired and got smart. Really evil smart.


More than 1000+ years developing the theory of ‘double entry (modern-day accounting); 1000+ years studying (sizing-up their enemies) habits, likes and dislikes; 1000+ years stealing (plagiarizing) ideas, philosophies, science, ways of ruling a nation, and medicine from Black Africa (there were more than 2000 Black/Muslim universities in Africa) while infiltrating the very government they were subject to.  Gaining trust, even marrying into families of their taskmasters.


How astute would that group be after 1000+ years trial and error, and what would they do to the people who looked down upon them?  Yes, it has always been White on White crime before the phrase was invented.


Never forget for one moment, or underestimate the resolve of greed and power, and how even innocent children are fair game in the name of maintaining that power and feeding that greed. NO!  No sir, White folks are not hypocrites, they not fools; they have always practiced what they preach.  What they preach are all lies, contrary to the theologian riddled metaphor “mixing lies with the truth.”  They always lie and cause us to think it’s the truth.


I’ll prove it to you, right here and now!  How often do we hear Blacks (you and me) asset that we are entitled to the same rights as White folks?  What are those rights, I might ask?  Freedom of life liberty and pursuit of happiness.


Freedom for White folks is ethnocentric related (right to marginalize anyone different from them), kill whoever they want whenever they want and; freedom to follow the hegemony, their own.  SORRY, but I am not entitled to, nor want that kind of freedom.  Happiness for White is living perversely.  I don’t to be a pervert.


Just look at the most basic insignificant ways of living in modern society today, from the substance to subsistence, from what is acceptable to what is looked down upon.  What rules and social values would you ordain right and wrong?  All on the one hand.


On the other hand, it does cause one to think (again), and reconsider principles of theology, all of them, excluding none.  You’re on the right track, brother, keep up the question asking!!

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