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  1. Told you this could happen, Moscow Mitch wants to survive even at the cost of sacrificing, well, everybody else; "Shocking everyone (keep an eye on him.), " Shocking everyone, McConnell agrees to pursue the Ukraine whistleblower complaint."
  2. Well, we can start with 'Fox News' own survey and end with a recent Gallup poll: Donald Trump hasn’t even been in the White House for three years, but a new poll shows that America is already tired of his presidency. According to a Fox News survey, the Trump administration has left 52 percent of the country feeling exhausted. Only 37 percent say this president has made them feel energized about politics. The finding tracks with Trump’s alarmingly high disapproval rating, which stands at 54 percent. Just 45 percent of those surveyed approve of his job performance. That’s not the only finding in the poll that should worry Trump’s reelection campaign. Fox News also found that the American people are starting to feel increasingly uncomfortable about the nation’s economic situation. Nearly half of respondents say the current economy makes them feel “nervous,” while 37 percent feel “confident” about it. The economy that Donald Trump inherited from Barack Obama and Joe Biden is the only thing keeping his numbers from completely falling through the floor. But as his trade war continues to push the U.S. toward an economic slowdown – already costing the country 300,000 jobs – Trump is on the verge of losing the only thing that has kept his reelection campaign afloat up to this point. President Donald Trump pays more public attention to his job approval rating than any recent president in my experience. Unlike Bush, Trump generally doesn't discount the overall importance of job approval ratings. In fact, Trump's frequent references to the measure legitimize its importance in his estimation, even as he often criticizes specific polls. Trump has employed three basic approaches to job approval ratings. First, he supports and quotes job approval measures when they are to his liking, underscoring his basic acceptance of the measure as a valid indicator of his performance. Second, he often claims his approval rating would be 20 or 30 points higher if not for various impediments, including the Fed and the "fake news media." This too legitimizes the underlying concept of using the approval rating as a measure of performance. Third, he dismisses specific approval ratings he doesn't like, calling them "fake" or "suppression polls," alleging that various pollsters are deliberately attempting to make his approval too low. This doesn't mean Trump is dismissing job approval ratings per se, just certain specific polling results that don't fit his self-conception. A valuable attribute of the job approval measure comes from the historical context it provides -- going back to the days of World War II. Trump's job approval rating in Gallup's latest survey is 39%. We can say that Trump's current 39% is well below the historical average of 53% across all presidents since Harry Truman, and is below where Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were in September of their third year in office after first being elected. Trump's rating is higher than Jimmy Carter's 30% to 33% ratings in September of his third year in office (1979), and just slightly below Barack Obama's 40% to 43% weekly averages in September of his third year (2011). Careful brother, you're starting to sound the sycophants' excuses for supporting 45. NEWs FLASH! Pence, angelical Christians and far doctrines are already here, for quite some time now.
  3. We're not even talking 'elections' I'm not anyway; I'm talking about public opinion as to impeachment. Most people want 45 out, some his own base. Doesn't matter, white nationalists want blood; Some are spilling it little by little already. Economic and social hegemony white folk (middle class) are the one's the GOP listens to, and they're, little by little, feed-up with 45. Hence, support for impeachment. Moscow Mitch ain't anybody's fool, not even for 45, he pretends to care about his party; He doesn't care. He's another sycophant looking for a benefit, when there's no more benefit, He'll turn on 45 like a rabid dog. He already is turning on him.
  4. "McConnell finally caved to months of pressure from Democrats and members of his own party and agreed to add $250 million in election security funding." SURVIVAL!!! And to keep his chair, Moscow Mitch will allow an impeachment vote in the senate after Dems vote to impeach. Just my educated prediction. Brother Troy.
  5. Oh yeah, not to mention foreign countries blaming the US for their problems, trade war with China, escalating uncertainty with Iran and South East Asia in general.
  6. Imagine that, 'the middle class' majority of American voters (both Dems and Republicans) lost ground in achieving the American dream. Such economic pilfering by 45 and the GOP can't/won't survive this. That, coupled with another eminent government shut-down, impeachment proceeding revealing emolument violations, treason alligations, slowing economies and markets, and GOP losing territories and creditabili8ty; 45 probably won't make to the end of the year. Keep a close eye on "Moscow Mitch" during these impeachment proceedings.
  7. Some is not most; But who cares, except for those who need to entertain 45's need for grandeur, for a benefit in return. I believe my head's wrapped well around the concept of 'love' an overrated human con game to get something. Whether it's family, child and parent or lovers, what they call love's more of mutual needs than not. Greed and grandiosity motivates this president. To believe different is not a belief at all, it's a con game, to get something from this idiot-in-chief. 'D' is right; And it is becoming clearer each day, that those "some's" already disappointed as their hero-in-chief can't come through for them. 
  8. Perhaps, though love is a strong description, if so, MOST PEOPLE DO NOT LOVE 45. Besides, 'love' is relative, people who support 45 are sycophants seeking a benefit. They have faith in what they think he can do therm, not faith in the man, That's one way of seeing of it. Another, it is or is not fact based. Smoke isn't necessarily a fire but something's up if the smoke's coming from your bedroom window. Everybody believes he committed treason coupled with facts?
  9. Brother, Troy, lets consider the chaos theory "unpredictability in a complex system" where nothing is more complex than humans and human nature. Greed and it's outcomes are predictable. For the sake of survival, a man would not only sell his soul to the devil but will also trade his wealth for self or a loved one. The question then becomes 'how far will a human being go to survive" whom will he/she sacrifice or not sacrifice to survive? NOW, throw some 'opportunism/opportunity' in the mix, it predictable 45 days are numbered in weeks and months. Everyone believes he's committed treason, most recently, a whistleblower has surfaced claiming to have material evidence indicating 45 as a possible traitor; now way the GOP can survive that. Their only way to reserve survival is to turn on the president. No sir, allowing 45 to remain in office is no longer a small thing, not if parties, citizens, or even other nations want to survive.
  10. Your predictions have been on the money, so far, brother Troy, but the uncertainty of predictions, by nature of 'educated guesses' comes down to more of a 'wishful dreaming' than not. Screw the laws and justice at this point; it's not even about the majority anymore. Said before and I'll say it again, it's all about survival. For both parties. My faith in the human need to survive leads me to predict 45 won't survive impeachment proceeding under-way. Not sure how it may happen, but I reassert my prediction he will not finish his term.
  11. True to all that! Yes, he did his job (with minimum impartiality, but some partiality nonetheless) of investigating 45 with honor and distinction, no one can question that. It's that "honorable distinction" part I have a problem with, among other issues. "Professional Courtesy" among lawyers and doctors is not a requirement, it's a discretionary choice. Most don't like to sue or question the other's integrity. And some don't mind. Robert Mueller is a professional who practices and believes in professional courtesy. That's why he did only not say anything nasty but refrained for saying anything substantial. The opening of his report's introduction should have left no room for interpretation; stated from the beginning whether he found collusion, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice; for the greater good, not out of professional courtesy. Mueller watched Barr's confirmation hearing just as you and I did. And to opine he didn't see what our lay perspective missed would away from the credit we give him. He knows Barr personally, and to watch his colleague refuse to offer a yes or no to whether he'd provide full disclosure is suspicious, on the high end; evasive on the low end. Mueller's career didn't skyrocket because he's a great person, he excelled because he's a damn good prosecutor. What's the difference between this Don and Teflon Don he took down so many years ago? Is the question I ask. Or perhaps we're wrong about his lawyering skills, or his courage to present an indictment case against a sitting president, to the Supreme Court. He wasn't shy about going after the mob. Yeah, Rod Rosenstein's another twisted faced sycophant. But he covered himself while giving cover to Mueller too: "If the Special Counsel believes it is necessary and appropriate, the Special Counsel is authorized to prosecute federal crimes arising from the investigation of these matters. (d) Sections 600.4 through 600. l 0 of Title 28 of the Code of Federal Regulations are applicable to the Special Counsel." I'm just saying.
  12. That's true. And if you really think Mueller is nonpolitical and impartial, there's a river here in the desert I'll sell to you for cheap. Correction, the duty, and charge of the DOJ are to safeguard and enforce Federal laws that protect the people and the Constitution. Mueller had a duty to make a call, especially since no prior precedence denies or forbids him to make it; just as there's no prior precedence that would permit or deny him to offer public testimony, as opposed to private. America didn't come to be without 'testing the waters'. even in the face of rejection by the SC. It's interesting to see where Mueller goes from here. Back into retirement or a permanent appointment. Just speculating.
  13. It was inductive reasoning; 45's behavior and official findings based on truths provided some evidence they'll force him out of office, my conclusion. Logic is neither right nor wrong, except in formal science. And deductive reasoning, derived from many sources. Loss of $50 bucks, because 45 lasted two-years, does not make me wrong. Technically, nor you a winner, That charity is the winner. Reasonably logical! Conclusively, Robert Mueller's impeccable reputation of honor and impartiality lack the guts to call a spade a spade; well hidden behind his white male Republican agenda most likely coordinated with Barr, and others, to distort and/or conceal true findings of his own investigation. Including his insistence on a non—public testimony before Congress, because he does not want to politicize his testimony. BS!!! He, Pelosi, Schumer, Sanders, Biden, and all of them stand invested for other than the people; whether 45 stays or goes. And let's not even get started on the GOP, 45 and his base. Hence, cynicism validated, not a damn thing will be okay for Black folk in America, ever!
  14. And even then the attracted eyeballs see', at least, some accurate data. It's how data miners, advertisers, and BS artists establish credibility. Do you not know how to distinguish fact from fiction? Contrary to conventional wisdom, the trees are not a distraction from seeing the forest; they are in the forest. But you won't find any whales or sharks there. If you get my point. Who cares about honest, popular truths we already know. What's important is the explanation behind reasons of why anyone would obscure a truth. i.g., "I already know the truth, that 45 is a wannabe con man dictator who merits impeachment"; that truth isn't important. What's important is why anyone would think otherwise. More important is the explanation behind that reason. This way of looking at matters serves to validate or invalidate my cynicism. Keeps me open-minded and reasonable safe from buying BS. Drawing from your inferences and conclusions, from books alone does little more than form your ideas; and those ideas, further shaped by 'so-called' "long-form articles, and lectures by knowledgeable people" render you an extension of someone else. If you truly know the truth, as you infer then the lies you seek to avoid leaves you incomplete and misinformed, still. Information, truths, and lies are like healthy cobalt for the body, you get it by eating a little of everything in your local supermarket. My reasoning, I try inductive and deductive logic. But my particular way of thinking, especially when based on what I think is good judgment often remain wanting. Just like you and most people. Hence, you winning that last wager was not act or prediction of genius; it was speculation made on a hunch. Please, don't fall into the trap of denouncing daily intake of information, whether social media or news (left and right-wing). The truth lay in everything and to find it you must look everywhere. 
  15. Excuse me! I think you mean 'distract' eyeballs. No matter the place you're distracted, however, it still comes down to various takes on the information out there, every day. Minimum constant critical and speculative intake, if nothing more than analyzing headlines every day is how you separate the BS for human sh*t. Sorry, the news isn't meaningless, but informative when absorbed with caution. What is information (data) anyway if not an emotional take on current events that shape our perspectives? This includes data taken out of context. We can learn more from lies than the truth. Which is my personal 'brand' "The only story more important than tales about truths is the explanation behind the lies!" Your prediction 45 will finish his term and/or reelected appeared circumstantially based, not on historical or legal facts, but on reasonable speculation; is little more than a hunch. Again, nothing in this day and age surprises me. Yes, we do have a wager 45 won't finish his two-years or reelected.
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