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  1. @Delano: "It is not possible for me to tell you anything that you don't already believe. K2." Was that a mis-statement? How, I must ask, can you suggest that 'you can't tell me anything I don't already believe? Prehaps the reason you can't TELL me anything is because there's a failure to communicate, tell. A better approach might be to simply "make clear, by describing it in more detail or revealing relevant facts," explain. Which is what I do instead of trying to 'tell.' I explain, in detail with relevant facts. Which you are free to disagree with; but if you don't believe in facts and logic, that's something you should probably keep to yourself. What, indeed, would the point be? Since I accept facts and logic as reasonable if not (necessarily) true.
  2. Poverty. Is. A. State. Of. Mind,Ben. Carson.

    I unequivocally disagree, Pioneer1, as is my right that no Whiteman, woman, nor child can understand the 'Black experience, even if you spend a lifetime explaining it them.' What they call alienation is actually different life views among themselves; what they call inequality is being ignored by their own; and their idea of need is little more than more power. In the voice of the Church-lady in Saturday Night Live, "HEY FOLKS THAT'S WHAT I MEANT." A few courses in Black history isn't enough to understand institutional racism; Even looking in the mirror to see a Black reflection only gets you there, nothing more.
  3. Trump is a bullshit artist; rational choice more of a selfishness axiom then appealing to the people, his base whose narrow self-interests are also centered on extreme rational choice theory. Principles of 'self-interests' most always involve irresponsibility, and rash behavior which makes him of the 'lunatic' flavor. IN A NUTSHELL, and I do mean 'n u t s h e l l, the man is far from a genius and closer to self-centered narcissistic extremist than an unconventional thinking leader. To exonerate DT as just another unconventional thinking leader only justifies why he's in power. For Black folk, I think, it's time we pass over any and all raltionalizing of why White people act the way they do, or trying to formulate a 'bright side' to reality. It is what it is!!
  4. Republican Agenda to End Poverty

    Ah, Pioneer1, you've elected to believe you can see the forest in spite of the tress. Is one way to avoid seeing the horrors of human suffering. Eyes on the prize, a beautifully wrapped gift box with the name Pandora may not be as exciting once opened. I, myself, CANNOT SEE THE FOREST. Stepping over, walking around, and through the bodies littering the ground like fallen trees takes from the view of the illusive prize from sight. I am inclined (here) to reflect on my own 'success story,' if one can call it that; an improvised Blackman overcoming the challenges of growing-up in Chicago. Tried and tested in America. Did I really succeed, at anything, or just prolonged my own demise by learning and understanding? Or, have I elected to accept, believe that only more forest lay beyond the trees? In any case, your hope and optimism that matters will, can change is the functionalist point-of-view. Please don't get me wrong, thank God for the functionalist as it does have a place among human advancement. But there's still 'reality' of the matter; there will always been and will be 'have's and have not's,' predator and prey, and lambs will always be food for the lions. So the speak!
  5. Difference of opinion; and of the FACTS! Donald Trump is a person who does crazy things that are often dangerous. Fox news is his 'go to' resource for information; he uses Ivanka and Jared as his advisors; He ignores advise from experienced experts makes him a LUNATIC. These are facts.
  6. Republican Agenda to End Poverty

    @Tanny, I'm afraid Troy is right. e.g., When you go to Walmart you probably go to the bargain shelf because you have a limited budget; you may rescent the cashier because he/she displays nationalistic tatoos; and/or you may even avoid area's where mostly other Whites gather. But if a group of White men enter the store (open/carry) with loaded firearms you hope to hid if they start shooting, knowing you are not their target. You are not worried when the door monitor ask to check your shopping bags because you have a receipt proving you purchased everything. Although not much, you have some things to be optimistic about. Not Black folk, the legitimate concern and fear for life and wellbeing starts when a Black man or women wakes-up in the moring and last until about an hour before they wake-up the next day. A bit dramatic here, and I apologize, but where a White person have things to be optimistic about a Black person seldom have anything to feel optimistic. Coupled with the fact a White person can watch a Black child suffer, do nor feel nothing for no other reason than, "it's none of my business," or watch with gleam is quite discouraging. Let me tell you; makes for great pessimism.
  7. Donald Trump is a reckless impetious irresponsible person. Of course he is a 'lunatic,' even maybe of the more servere 'insane' kind.
  8. HUFFPOST News dentity Of Michael Cohen’s ‘Mystery’ Client Revealed Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, has represented Fox News’ Sean Hannity, a court hearing revealed Monday. Cohen’s lawyers exposed the identity of Cohen’s previously unnamed client in a courtroom in New York after the judge ordered them to do so. ... Hannity addressed the news on his radio show Monday, saying he had never officially retained Cohen as his attorney. @seanhannity "Michael Cohen has never represented me in any matter. I never retained him, received an invoice, or paid legal fees. I have occasionally had brief discussions with him about legal questions about which I wanted his input and perspective.” The radio host clarified that he had on occasion consulted with Cohen and asked for the lawyer’s opinion “about legal matters,” during which conversations he assumed there would be attorney-client confidentiality. “I might have handed him 10 bucks, [to say] I definitely want your attorney-client privilege on this, something like that,” Hannity said. Not surpised, but I never knew this damn slimy Republican was formally accused of sexual assault!!
  9. Poverty. Is. A. State. Of. Mind,Ben. Carson.

    Yes, Troy, there are many young White men and women aware of the problem but unable to get their arms around why the problems exist. I appreciate the opportunity to converse with these people, try to express the psychological trama Blacks experience no one but Black can understand. I applaud Tanny's willingness to listner with an open mind!
  10. BBC News London Stephen Lawrence: Murdered teen's father forgives killers The father of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence says he has forgiven his son's killers, nearly 25 years after the attack. Dr Neville Lawrence the decision had been "one of the hardest things", but he still wanted justice. The murder "opened the country's eyes" to racism, he added. Stephen, 18, was stabbed in an attack by five white youths on 22 April 1993, at a bus stop in south-east London. Two White men were jailed [20 years later]. Not just in America, Blacks are being targeted everywhere.
  11. Republican Agenda to End Poverty

    Yes, Tanny, and I think I could be even more pessimistic to get this shit right. I should like to think of myself as a 'crisis theorist,' not a 'functionalist' because everything has consequences, pros and cons. The functionalist concern itself with mental states. What people do rather than by what they are made of. And not from an economic viewpoint only. Policies, leadership, ways of living all have consequences; more than just what works or doesn't work. Democracy and the Republic works well for a national State power; it provides for the people, keeps them safe, and keeps the State strong, until it doesn't. Inequality, marginalization, and denial to some people outweigh the functionalist perception that "our way is working even though everyone doesn't enjoy it." Whites are not, never were the problem, White folks are the symptoms of the use of centralized planning in an attempt to manage social change and regulate the future development and behaviour of a society. Also called social engineering. A necessary evil turned destructive, fatal to most people because everyone's not involved in the planning. Even social engineering is just another fatal flaw of the 'human factor' though. A cure starts with treating the symptoms first; and symptoms involving human flaws is something that would make cancer jealous. How do we solve the White man problem first; and live to tell about it? Not as a destructive entity but as an irritation to human progress? See why I'm pessimistic?
  12. That's why I'm inspired to learn and understand the actual languages, so as not to rely on 'interpretations and translations of Arabic/Hebrew related texts. Believe me, understanding it, interpreting and translating are different. Hey man, those texts are saying some serious shit, not interpreting what meant nor translating in a way to understand. I get excited every time I know what is being say, which often includes a profound psychological, scientific, and economic explanations. It's all different from what we think. It contributes because it allows for the addition to my normal thinking and actions functioning. And it's not just the holy texts, it's learning to speak and think in terms of mathematics, about anything. I'm still shocked by how much algebra and Arabic have in common in terms of everyday communications about anything, everything!
  13. Bill. Cosby. Trial.

    Yes, but those Black women do a better job at their contributing share to the family than most of us Black males. i like the idea of using the term 'Black woman, Black Americans woman, anything Black. A White woman born in Africa is considered African, it's no-longer separate identity. So, the next time you hear African American, don't assume they're specking about Black folk! See, a man will use his physical strength to survive, a woman will use her beauty and body to survive. Each will do whatever it takes to get what he/she wants. That's what Bill Cosby did, and he's going to pay for doing while Black. And it serves him right!
  14. Poverty. Is. A. State. Of. Mind,Ben. Carson.

    TRUE THAT! Former vice president Joe Biden said what others wouldn’t. The real reason why Republicans talk about voter fraud is that they don’t want working class and black people to vote ... Though Joe Biden is not to be trusted either, he's one of the reasons Obama didn't do more; but he's politician politicking for votes and will say anything to get it; short of doing anything that actually helps. Another reality we're all about face is the power of vote, or lack thereof. In this sense you're again, Whites don't really care about the vote as long as they can be just be xenophobic and racist. When it does come to the vote, however, Whites will do whatever it takes to dissuade social and economic justice. Which does not surprise me either?
  15. No, brother Troy, I do not wish for a WW3, but is not only plausible, it is very possible!