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  1. In any case, if true, it's a damn good conspiracy; and no-one can say it's not working! Indeed, the elders of Zion knew what they were doing, understood functions of State, mentalities of the people, and how to confidently manipulate their own into global compliance.
  2. Kalexander2

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    Yes, sister, Cynique, “participant observation, empirical, qualitative/quantitative” are the best-known methods of learning about things unknown. I’ve yet to see actual moving images of Israeli armed forces forcing families out of their homes mid-night and then blowing-up those homes the next day to build settlements for Jewish settlers, or military snipers shooting children standing in their windows. YEAH, I didn’t believe it either until I saw it with my own two eyes. Then, and only then was I encouraged to go read, find out why these things were happening.
  3. Kalexander2

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    The American propaganda reduced to reading the material, especially college textbooks is yet another reason to visit the source destination for accurate data, brother; trust me, there's material here the U.S. would never allow to be taught, let alone available for public consumption. How many times have you, yourself acknowledged fallacies in the 'printed' reading material? More on point than sister @Mel Hopkins example, why travel through outer space when one need only to read make-up of the planets to know where they are and existence of life?
  4. Kalexander2

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    Maybe, but brother, prior to actually visiting her in the Near East I was of the opinion that most, if not all Muslims were terrorists, believed America was a country of devils, and that Christ Jesus as God's son and died on the cross. Fact is, it was all bullshit. Not from just interacting with the people, the elderly but by going to the libraries and universities reading about all sides of the story.
  5. Hehe! Yeah, brother, you're so right. He's such a scumbag the damn Jew turns on his own for a miserable profit, which is just another why the protocols are so interesting. What 'Zuck' is doing is the same as wealthy Jews did during the Holocaust. I, as one, wonder if he could be part such a nefarious plan as "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion."
  6. Kalexander2

    Royal Wedding, Are. You. Watching?

    Yes, brother and I'm a living example of you accuracy with respect reading and visiting as I've already clocked over 30,000 hours hanging un libraries and universities in order to know the Near East. Great post!
  7. Please feel free, brother, but be advised this is one of the most profound controversies of the 20th century, carried on to the 21st century. It is the subject and bases for Holocaust deniers. Mark Zuckerberg has, within the last few days brought the Protocols back into focus with his assertion that Holocaust deniers deserve a voice. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-44883743?ocid=global_bbccom_email_19072018_technology.
  8. "Right-on" to the miserable profits of being a bought and sold member of the house, welcome. But what are your long plan(s) when the 'Massa (master') house burns down? Think it'll all be worth it? Damn it, again, making us guys look like complete idiots! Am I the only one listening to you here? As I previously posted: "Damage control" is nothing more than the Republicans version of crowd control, BS to help people get a good night's sleep to only have nightmares all day.
  9. @Chevdove: Well, here's what we do know: The ships and captains that transported Blacks from Africa were owned/operated by Jewish corporations; we know it was Jews who kept financial records from the slavery blocks where Blacks were sold. And according to some controversy commentators, It was Jews who developed - outlined methods that broke the spirits of proud Black men and women by using fear, jealousy, ego, and greed to brain-wash them into a "slavery" state of mind. Psychological methods used today by the CIA, but for a variety of predictable outcomes. We also know that those identified as Jews make-up more than 70% of all medical doctors and lawyers in the US; of all the branches of government, Jews make-up more than half the leadership. "UNICOR" and other for-profit-prisons are Jewish own/operated corporations. The Department of the Treasury, big bank institutions, News media worldwide, and even social media: Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. But we mustn't buy into common conspiracy theories; simply because all the facts justify a theory doesn't mean there's some global conspiracy scheme for global domination. Though we must admit, it is an interesting theory.
  10. House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-MD) said the notion of impeaching Trump will not be addressed…unless Democrats retake the House in the upcoming midterm elections. Fox News’ Chad Pergram tweeted about it. There’s been an uproar from pretty much everyone on the Hill over President Trump’s Helsinki meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, in which many are accusing the president of botching the moment to address Russia’s 2016 election interference. Just came across this piece of info. WARNING, THIS COULD BE FAKE NEWS! But I doubt it.
  11. Yeah, sister, brother Troy and I discussed the possibility of a civil war should Trump be removed by an act of Congress. Though he disagreed with much of my theory, he concurred with the possibility. As have many other people; I've since shied away as such can be misconstrued as inciting a riot, or worse. Indeed, that's scary, to say the least; more so now than before. Notwithstanding Trump's impeachment/removal, when America awakes from its slumber to realize the state of affairs, mainly economic, all hell's going to break loose. The national guard, militarized police, and Homeland Security, etc., is going to face a crisis that'll change or destroy America. Just my opinion, of course!
  12. @Cynique: Yes, my initial wishful thinking was based on the Russian investigation and Trump's behavior in office, not silly assessment of the behavior of planetary alignment; I failed to include Congress and the GOP base in that assessment. Not only does he still have "a lot of support out there," his support in Congress is strongest. Now, I strongly doubt an impeachment will happen before November; and if it does, he won't be removed before 2019. If he's removed at all that is. That's why I now know that $50 dollar bet with brother Troy is a win for his favorite charity, money well lost. @Troy: What I took away, brother, was two white leaders of the most powerful countries on earth used 'stomping grounds' of their white counterparts to show the world how matters (will) should be. What they accomplished was rebel rousing white folk sitting on the sidelines. What happened at the summit was great for white folk worldwide, a warning to humanitarians and equality sympathizers, and a message for Black/Brown people worldwide. What did you take away?
  13. A bold US government agenda requires an even bolder approach to disseminate, they’ve set the state of American delusion. Any new rhetoric of impeachment, removal need only a few steps forward to encourage an overconfident congress. Impeachment legislation just short of votes to get it passed will be enough to give American’s a good night’s sleep, followed by more rhetoric. It’s worked for them before, it’ll work again. Congress, the GOP, and the Democrats couldn’t care less about democracy and the American people. They figure not even the children and elderly into their equation of autocracy. Don’t fool yourself, Democrats were the first true autocrats and neither side never really shared ideas of the US Constitution. Treasonous traitor Donald Trump simply amplifies ultimate intentions of white leadership by covertly allowing Russian influence into our government. Perhaps it’s time for America to freshen-up on details of “Das Kapital, The Communist Manifesto, State and Revolution” text for comparative analysis. You may find it's America under another name.
  14. All is fair in the fight between principle and ignorance; provided that is, the principle is moral or aspect of a fundamental assumption. Brother Troy's supposition, although limited, I'm sure, can only be based on what he knows about the other party. With little more, it's perfectly permitted for him assume by way of intrusive questions that may be taken as insults. And why should he care since he has no control over the other party's innocent, common core ignorance? Ignorance needs no validation - nor appreciation for being anything but insignificant ranting of a mentally exhausted mind forcing itself to maintain some form of clarity. They value whatever their mind is capable, usually without sound judgment of definitive information. Most may never truly know his-self because they will never accept the reality of being a 'loser.'
  15. WOW, sister Cynique, very, very interesting perception using all five of your senses. Thanks!