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Be Patient When Planting The Seeds

Kween Yakini


I am learning why I must be patient when it comes to planting the seeds.  For some seeds take a long time to grow like trees from the roots out of the ground until they touch the sky, and some are like bulbs that sprout  up after a few weeks.  Some need more water than others and some only need a few drops, but I still need to give them the time that they require to grow.  For example, as I was going about my day having my first book signing event, I ran into another soul.  And, this soul recognized me and knew that we would work together.  My point is take every opportunity because they are the bread crumbs that will lead you to your destiny.  So now I sit back and wait for my seeds to grow into what ever they are meant to be for me.  The lesson has been learned, and patience is indeed a virtuous trait to have.  







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