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Gambling: Top books with top tips



At least you have to get that impression when you look at numerous books that are around poker, roulette, blackjack & Co. on the market. But are these tips and guides really suitable for practice? Below we have compiled for you a list of books that deal with gambling strategies. Regardless of whether you're new to gambling or already an old hand at the gaming table, one or two tips in these works might well help you refine your playing technique.

 Beat the Dealer by Edward O. Thorp

When American mathematics professor Edward Oakley Thorp published his book Beat the Dealer in 1962, he could hardly guess which waves he would beat. Because actually, the man present in his remarks only the strategy, with the blackjack with consistent card counting the bank, if not already to the ruin to drive, but then nevertheless to despair. In fact, his tips proved so successful in practice that the Las Vegas casinos were forced to change their rules. Unsurprisingly, after the book's worldwide success, Thorpe decided to use his expertise in the world of international financial markets. Today he leads a successful hedge fund.

Black Jack for Beginners: 60 Strategy Examples in Word and Picture by Charles Cordonnier

Blackjack is the most played card gambling offered in the casinos. As you can learn from the bottom up, Charles Cordonnier has run on more than 200 pages - fortunately, the book 1988 also appeared. Thanks to numerous case studies and illustrations, the beginner is well taken by the hand and introduced to the big wide world of blackjack.

Roulette - The Taming of Chance by Pierre Basieux

The Belgian mathematician Pierre Basieux, who died in 2016, has made a name for himself as a non-fiction writer with a focus on gambling. The first of his numerous works around the classic casino game is Roulette - The Taming of Chance and appeared in 1987. This is by no means a dry, purely theoretical reading. For Basieux, who earned his doctorate at the University of Graz, was himself a professional gambler for decades. This is especially true at the roulette tables of the casinos - of course not go without taking sometimes three-digit sums of money home with you.

Baccarat for the Clueless by John May

The Baccarat cards game is also enjoying a growing fan base in online betway casinos around the world. Those who have yet become unfamiliar with aspects of the game will find the appropriate reading in Baccarat for the Clueless, written by the American John May. Beginning with the history and of course the rules, but also the odds of winning Baccarat, May just helps the novice or the clueless to increase their own profit potential. Unfortunately, the book is only available in English so far.

Beyond Counting: Exploiting Casino Games from Blackjack to Video Poker by James Grosjean

The author James Grosjean presents numerous mathematical methods to win at various casino games, including blackjack, three-card poker, video poker and even craps. His tips are by no means limited to the time-honored gambling houses, but also show ways on how to get on the road to success in online casinos (and stay there as long as possible). It will potentially give millions of gambling fans around the world the opportunity to earn winnings in all kinds of gambling with the various techniques presented in this book. Grosjean continues to play successfully blackjack.

Cheating at Blackjack by Dustin D. Marks

It does not necessarily have to be blackjack players who come up with winning tips. For in the present case, the guide for the card tables comes, so to speak, from the other, the actually "hostile" side: Cheating at Blackjack was written by a blackjack croupier. The author Dustin D. Marks knows what he is talking about. So he tells exciting stories of cases in which he has dealt with more or less successful cheater on the gaming table. In any case, it enlightens its readership about all sorts of legal winning strategies.

The player of Fyodor M. Dostoyevsky

This work of world literature is anything but a concrete guide to success in gambling houses. And yet it crackles on the page of the autobiographical narrative of the Russian author Fyodor M. Dostoevsky just so authentic casino atmosphere. Very dense, exciting and impressive, the famous author describes the emotional world of a person who develops from the observer in the casino first to the passionate and then to the completely obsessed player.


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