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    HOLD ONTO LOVE. Shit happens — no need to immortalize it. If you survive it, internalize what's left. LOVE. Happy Valentine's Day.
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    Hi doll! Miss you.
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    "ARES" stars 26-year-old Dutch actress Jade Olieberg who plays a multi-ethnic character that advances the original series plot in ways that are not obvious in the beginning. My initial reaction was the .5 % wealthiest of society will not be happy. But then this portrayal of secret societies targets any of us who "belong" to one. Cutting to the chase without spoilers; this series asks "What do you want" and what are you prepared to do to get it. I'm still thinking about this show today. It revealed a lot to me about myself ...and has me giving the side eye to friends, family and folks I see on the street. I couldn't binge watch the series - it was a little too intense for me. What did you think about ARES?
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