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  1. Homosexuality thrives in the United States for two reasons, 1) there are many White homosexuals and 2) the US promotes freedom of expression up to a point. In providing equal rights to AfroAmericans and White women, it's only natural that *rights* were extended to the next group fought for it...homosexuals. I thought it was some BS that homosexuals went so far as to equate their struggle to the Civil Rights movement though. Other than the Stonewall Riots in NYC and a few dust-ups in San Francisco, I don't recall gay folks being killed, beat up, dog attacked and water-hosed like AfroAmericans in the South. They've always had the right to vote; eat and drink wherever they choose to do so. Of course, here in America, as there are many white homosexuals in high places, they had the resources to get their agenda passed. When they decided gay marriage was necessary in order to make medical decisions for their partner and pass down inheritances, they formed like a Voltron and got busy making it happen. Otherwise, there is no other place on the planet that homosexuality is tolerated to the extent that it is in the United States. Surely, there are homosexuals in other parts of the world but they aren't free or powerful. Check with the Middle East or Africa or Russia or China. They aren't playing with it. The system of racism white supremacy will use anything to undermine Black men. That's why the media falls all over itself to show gay Black men at every turn. It reinforces the other narrative that Black men are weak and effeminate and unworthy to procreate. It also offsets the hypermasculine image of athletes and *some* entertainers.
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